1. Teshie

    Big Fish Tuning Stokesley

    I pick my car up on Sunday (C63 w204) and I'm keen to release a few more horses as soon as I can I've heard good reports about MSL in Birmingham, but due to time restrictions, and I've been looking at getting a remap closer to home (Durham) Big Fish tuning in Stokesley seem to have a good...
  2. Jim55

    Down at big fish

    A few pics its still getting done ,182 bhp standard ( c220 cdi )il post more pics later but its a good set up here
  3. ash59fifty-uk

    Tropical fish keepers, where art thou

    Post some pics of your aquascapes please, need some inspiration for a new tank Sons birthday at the beginning of June, as he likes to follow suit with me after getting an entire railway built for him at Xmas, he'd now like to dip his fingers in the art of tropical fish keeping I'm thinking a...
  4. S

    New Fish

    Hi All, I'm new to the club & Mercedes, usually drive the German motors of the dark side :-) I've bought myself a 2002 ML 270d in black which is ideal to ferry myself & my son with our mountain bikes. Newcastle, North East. Hope I've put this post in the right place :)
  5. S

    Meat and fish deliveries. Any experience?

    I've a long boring, back story which I shan't bother regurgitating but circumstances dictate I need a big fillet of beef and some monkfish delivered, waiting for me when I get back home from a week away next Saturday. I've Googled and can see there's any number of people offering this service...
  6. Tan

    Best Fish and Chip Shops

    Hi Having just seen Bobby Dazzler's thread on Fish and Chip shops, got me thinking, it would interesting to create a directory of good Fish and Chip shops around the country. I think unlike some foods like Curry, where people tastes differ so much, that one persons favourite curry house...
  7. Godot

    Fight for your Fish ?

    L2fZcmjbqpA :doh: Hugh's Fish Fight - Half of all fish caught in the North Sea is thrown back overboard dead
  8. Bobby Dazzler

    Looking for a really good fish & chip shop near...

    The Dazzlers really enjoy good fish & chips, and so we tend to sniff out the good places in the areas that we visit most often. When we try somewhere new for a weekend away or holiday we sometimes come unstuck - especially in rural areas - so I'm hoping the good members of MB Club will help...
  9. Satch

    Tropical Fish care

    I have asked to become custodian of a tank full of fish, freshwater tropical, I am told. Since I know damn all about keeping fish they need all the help they can get. Any decent websites/info guides? Something along the lines of "Eejit's Guide to keeping some bloody fish you never wanted...
  10. 94mattda

    Does anyone have upside down fish?

    :eek: Hello... I have two fish. One blackmoor and one gold fish. They are a few years old and the gold fish is fine. The blackmoor however has decided to swim upside down.... its been doing this on and off for three weeks but i thought i would ask if any one knows why. I have tried not feeding...
  11. B

    Fish Pond For Sale

    Hi all, My dad has decided to sell his fish pond he started it about 3 years ago but has not got around to finishing it and has now not got time to finish it, it comes with the following: - About 40 koi carps size's from 8" to 2 FT a range of colour's........ - 4 Tanks with rock's filters...
  12. Ade B

    Tropical fish query - one for Howard?

    We have a problem Emporer Tetra which is bullying our new Harlequins in our 27 litre office tank. Its not particulary crowded (4 Harlequins, Emprorer Tetra, Plec, Corydoras). I believe Tetras are usually shoaling fish - the book says that they are suitable for community tanks, should we get it...
  13. I


    Living as I do in the sticks in about as landlocked a position as you can get in this island of ours, I have difficulty in sourcing decent fish. What I'm looking for is a reliable, reputable outfit that delivers. Now this can be line caught on day-boats with overnight delivery or frozen if...
  14. scumbag

    Ee usk (Fish restaruant)

    I dont normally do this advertising bit but in reply to IanAlex2 who enquired if I had been there (eeusk) I have now. and so i dont take over whichever thread it was when he asked, I have created this one. Anyhow, it really is worth recommending, if you like fish, but although its...
  15. Howard

    Anyone keep marine fish ?

    Hi gang , I am toying with the idea of keeping a reef tank , and am looking for anyone to help with advice ... I am a member of ReefsUK forum and Fishkeeping , and have been for a short while, so have got those covered . But I haven't built up any proper friendships yet, like i have on...
  16. GRAV888

    Parrot fish.

    I am changing my tank set up and am getting rid of my 2 parrot fish and 2 silver sharks. The sharks are about 5" long each and are quite friendly. The parrot fish are shy at first, but once they get to know you, are quite amusing. £20 each for the parrots (in the aquarium shop today, they had...
  17. stats007

    Any tropical fish lovers for advice?

    My girlfriend is looking at getting some tropical fish - 10 - 15 tetras / guppies / mollys etc. She wants a Bio Orb but I'm not convinced and have suggested this instead. Has anyone used a Bio Orb? What are the cycling rates like etc? Any advice appreciated as I haven't had fish for years!
  18. SEM

    Freaky Fish

    Thought it was only Homer's Springfield that had this?? :crazy:
  19. Howard

    Fish and chips

    Friday night....... Just off to get fish and chips ....... (Homer) Mmmmmmmm........ fish and chips .......... drool cor blimey geezer up the apples and pears and all that !!
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