1. N

    Any other doors fit 2001 E320

    Hi, I've been passed down a 2001 E320 Avantgarde, mechanically the car is 100% and with 175k on the clock and a recent turbo replacement it drives better than ever, Interior is cream leather and in perfect condition with all electrics working..... But the usual rust problems makes this...
  2. ACID

    Quaife LSD Available Supply and Fit at MSL

    Quaife LSD Available for Supply and Fit at MSL The famous Quaife ATB limited slip differential*is one of the world's most popular performance upgrade products for Mercedes cars. This unique device transforms the way your car applies power to the road, offering a stunning increase in...
  3. mbsilver

    retro fit auto dimming rear mirror on c class w205

    I've seen a couple of posts suggesting it is possible and is easy to fit? My soon to arrive c class is SE Executive variation and annoyingly has no options for this Anyone seen any such retro fitting for a auto dimming rear mirror? Thanks in advance Ken Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  4. S

    FS: Genuine Mercedes Rear AMG Spoiler in Carbon Fibre to fit (CLS 63 W218)

  5. S

    C63 alloys fit C209

    Hi Folks Got a question. Has anyone put on C63 AMG alloys (18'') on a C209? Ive looked at all the info online with regards to offset etc and apparently these wheels will fit (though M14 bolts over M12) yet the offset difference to my current alloys mean they should sit 11mm further out...
  6. M

    Will CLK 270CDI 2005 factory stereo fit in CLK 270CDI 2003?

    Hi Everyone, I have a CLK 270 CDI Elegance Auto and want to change the factory stereo. I have seen some 2005 versions of the stereo on ebay, but I just want to know if they will fit and work in my car? Both my car and the 2005 model are the same build I think. Both are W209.
  7. D

    W211 2003 Estate Airmatic - Wheel Fit Question

    my car has airmatic all round. Does airmatic make any difference to space in the wheel well or not ? I'm looking at fitting some SL wheels to my S211: 8.5J ET35 255/40/18 9.5J ET40 285/35/18 I've looked at the chart in the sticky and see the fronts have been fitted as has the rear...
  8. merc85

    Wheels to fit my e55k w211

    Any design considered Pm me with what you have, Must be staggered fitment, Looking around the £400 mark with or without tyres. buckle/crack/weld free
  9. E

    another will these fit

    hi guys, im looking at some c class 2012 18 wheels for my 2007 clk, will they fit? thanks
  10. C

    Will these wheels fit my car

    Could anyone tell me if these wheels would fit my 2006 pre facelift e280 cdi. I got car recently with 20 inch amg alloys and they have had a bit of a hard life and also not the best ride quality. Here is the info from the ad. Genuine Mercedes 16" Alloy Wheels and as new Dunlop SP Sport...
  11. O

    C Class (C63/S204) Estate - Fit bike in boot?

    TL;DR Can a C63 AMG Estate (W/S204) take a single road/mountain bike in the boot, with rear seats down, and both bike wheels left on? Longer version. Thinking of swapping from an ageing Nissan Stagea (hearse-like) to a C63 AMG Estate, and had always assumed that getting a bike into the back of...
  12. J

    Can any tell me the easy way to fit an alarm in my Vito?

    I am thinking of doing electrics in a few weeks , running all my accessories off a leisure battery ,linked to main battery via a Digital relay. Will run the following off it: Main Stereo/Tablet for sat nav. USB/fag lighter charging points. Small inverter for mainly laptop / power...
  13. M

    Retro fit sound system in CLK W208 Cab.

    Hi, I have a a 2001 CLK320 W208 fitted with standard Audio 10 and the temperamental standard six cd loader in the boot. I want to fit an updated sound system. In an ideal world keep all the steering wheel controls. Also, use the phone controls connected to my iPhone ideally by Bluetooth. There...
  14. P

    Parking Camera Retro Fit

    i have a 2013 but on 63 plate (face lift) Can i retrofit the front and rear parking Cameras to work with the current e class screen ?
  15. A

    18" Alloys to fit W204 C63

    Trying my luck on here before I go looking to buy new ones. I'm looking for a set of OEM 18" wheels for a W204 C63. I'd consider aftermarket wheels too but would prefer mercedes. If anyone has a spare set or thinking of selling then please get in touch. Would need them posted but it...
  16. BarryWhitt

    Will these fit my C-CLASS rear sills?

    Tempted to buy these but l already have the front ones, does anyone want to go halves with me for the front two? But worried whether they will fit my 2017 C-Class, they look ok as they have a slight curve to the rear set as in my sills.
  17. S

    Cost to fit an IPE

    Hello What would you estimate the cost to fit an IPE backbox and midpipes with the electronics and vacuum lines for a W204 C63? Thanks SS3
  18. Alps

    Brand new Sports Pedal set to fit most Mercedes

    Brand new Sports Pedal set for automatic accelerator, brake and handbrake pedal as per pic below £25 + postage PM me is interested, thanks
  19. S

    Which ceramic pads fit?

    I am having my 19" amg wheels refurbished, powder coated, and am looking for a ceramic type brake pad. My front calipers are the type where the pads are inserted from the side, not requiring removal of the caliper. I am struggling to find any sellers that have the correct pads shown, ie...
  20. Cyclone1

    2x K&N Filters - fit CLS/E63 5.5 + others

    2x K&N Air Filters 33-2474 Only used for 400 miles. Flow better than standard and are also shallower in depth so offer less restriction in the air boxes. Fit all 5.5 Bi-Turbo engined AMG's and also some 4.7 bi turbo engined cars (E500 etc) - all 2011 onwards. Only for sale as bought a...
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