1. M

    Towbar fitment C250 AMG Estate.

    I'm looking to have a detachable towbar fitted to my C250 Estate. Any recommendations for a dealer in the Beds, Herts or Bucks area ? Many thanks
  2. M

    Help with wheel fitment please

    Hi all, I have a 2011 c250 and I'm thinking of buying a set of alloys that came of a 2016 model c class. sizes are as follows Front 7.5x18 et 44 Rear 8.5x18 et 49 Anyone know if will fit? Cheers Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
  3. R

    2012 C63 AMG IPE Exhaust Fitment

    As above, I have found a centre section and rear back box IPE exhaust for my C63, It seems to come with some rubber hoses amd the control and remote. I will be fitting the exhaust myself just seeing how easy the wiring etc if for it? Cheers Ryan :thumb:
  4. S

    Wheel fitment

    I've 2 w203 cars and looking for nice wheels. Do all Mercedes fit or are some models different. Sent from my 5056X using Tapatalk
  5. SG1

    R107 500SL Lorinser Wheel Fitment

    Hi everyone, I have a 1987 500SL which has the standard 15" alloys fitted. The original sizes are 7JX15 ET25 with 205/65R15 tyres. I have a set of Lorinser LO alloys which I've wanted to fit for years. The rears are 9JX16 ET10 and fit perfectly. Problem is the front alloys which are 7JX16...
  6. B

    Carbon parts?... best place for good fitment?.

    I'm after the usual lol Rear diffuser Lip spoiler Boot lid And seat backs Poss 9 piece interior Thanks
  7. B

    Carbon parts?... best place for good fitment?.

    Where about can I buy the best fitment cf parts for c63,thanks
  8. maxypriest

    Wanted - a single STRAIGHT AMG Aero 16” alloy wheel! W124 fitment

    Looking for a single STRAIGHT AMG Aero 16” alloy wheel! I have 4 on my car, but one has a buckle and needs replacing. Cheers, Max
  9. thebig1

    Part fitment help

    Hi guys, i have a good good deal on offer for a carbon fibre diffuser that needs work bit a good price. how can I check if it will fit my 2015 C63s Sedan?? the part number is: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. R

    Non Isofix Childseat fitment to C Class?

    I'm coming from a car that doesn't have Isofix, so my childseat is a seatbelt type. I'm trying to fit it into the back of my 2012 C Class, but the seat belts in this will not lock. Am I doing something wrong???
  11. S

    Please help with wheel fitment

    Hi will a 19" w205/c205 amg turbine style alloy fit on a c43 convertible ok? listing saying no bit unclear i was certain there same.... orig. AMG Rims + Normal tyre 19" Mercedes W205 S205 W204 W203 W207 W209 R172 | eBay thanks guys
  12. N

    Alloy fitment

    Hi, newbie here seeking advice please. Would the following alloys and tyres fit my W204 (2013)? Front wheels: 7.5 x 18 H2 ET44 - 225/45/R18 95Y (A2054011100) Rear wheels: 8.5 x 18 H2 ET49 - 245/40/R18 97Y (A2054011200) Thank you in advance and appologies if this covered elsewhere.
  13. magentalic

    clk phone fitment

    hi all i have a 2004 clk i wanted a phone to fit the cradle and bought a nokia 6310 but it is a bit too big and will not fit anyone know a phone that will fit ?
  14. Mrhanky

    55K brake pad fitment

    Guys I recently cleaned and refitted my pads for the first time on my E55K. I noticed that the pads are a really tight fit mainly due to the anti squeal backing that extends to the pads sides. Is this normal as normally when I have fitted pads they have a bit of room to move?
  15. M

    CLK W209 Alloys/ Tyre Fitment Question (checked sticky)

    Hi all, Having checked various parts of the site and links I havent been able to find out 100% Essentially looking to upgrade to 18", they are 5x112 & ET35 but the rear alloys are 9J hence wondering if they would fit as I believe 8.5J is widest? Also, if they can go on what would be the best...
  16. gadget1960

    W210 specific wheel fitment

    Hi all, hoping to get some info on wheel fitment, I have scanned the 'fitment guide' on this forum and to be honest ... just a little confused! I have a 2001 w210 e class 240 elegance and have a set of replica AMG V1 alloys 8.5 x 18 35mm offset which I was going to refurb, I had them trial...
  17. optimusprime

    info W124 wing fitment

    Looking to purchase a drivers side font wing .The one i can see is for the coupe .Question will the coupe w124 wing fit the saloon w124? .same years .I think i have seen some place that they wont fit . Can anyone say...
  18. flying banana

    Comand NTG1 (S211 fitment) CAD files?

    I am nursing a crazy idea to potentially completely re-engineer the multimedia/entertainment environment in E320, with a tablet main interface and a couple of backend Raspberry Pi's handling things like Bluetooth connectivity and media server duties. One element will include mounting an...
  19. S

    W211 06 Estate Wheel fitment Advise

    I need to get a replacement wheel for the front and cant find the exact fitment. Can I fit ET35 instead of ET38 at the front? What is the difference? Thanks
  20. E

    CLS Reg plate led light fitment.

    Hello Chaps, I am sure this has been spoken about before. My car a CLS has led reg plate lights, one went off, so I got the replacement. I have removed the cover from the boot, but there is a torx screw on both side out near the plate which hold a silver plate, which I need to remove...
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