1. I

    Life Fitness X5 Cross Trainer

    Due to converting the garage back to car storage I need to free up some space hence the Cross Trainer needs to go. This is the model in question Originally supplied by John Lewis to the first owner and costing her £3000 I've owned it for just...
  2. flango

    Fitness bracelet - Activity trackers

    Does anybody use one permanently, would welcome your opinion if you do. I'm thinking of things like the Jawbone up24, Fitbit Force and Flex, Nike fuel band, Polar loop etc.. Would welcome you opinion on these, valuable as lifestyle trackers or another electronic gismo destined for the man...
  3. W

    measured my lack of fitness

    2 laps of the block ~4km done in 25 mins, heart rate was 165 at the end. Oh dear. 5 years ago I could have done 6km in the same time. Anyone else motivated to move their middle aged back-side more than usual?
  4. E CLASS

    Any fitness experts on the forum?

    In a nutshell I am 35 and looking to improve my fitness and also increase my muscle and mass - via whey protein (is this a good or bad idea - whey proteins?) I have previously been pretty fit with cycling, swimming, skiing etc (not that keen on running though) I have tightish hamstrings so...
  5. L

    Fitness video

    I thought as every Tom, **** and Harry is releasing a fitness workout I would share with you guys my daily workout ;) workout
  6. Munkee

    Gr8 fitness workout - by shutting a door?

    Hello people, I have a question that needs answering. Why the hell did MB make the doors on W124's so hard to close? You really have to slam it to shut the bloody thing, excuse my language! Is there any cure? Are there softer catches available for the 124 or can I fit a catch from another...
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