1. horatio

    M111 belt tensioner, pulley & shock, almost new! Fits various Mercs

    I have a belt tensioner, pulley and shock to fit Mercs with (I believe but double check) any M111 4 cyl petrol engine. They were fitted to our C180 very shortly before it was scrapped. The tensioner is Litens (they make these for MB), pulley is Gates and the shock SKF. £35 posted. Good...
  2. knight80

    Plus sizing wheels 17" to 18" . 245/40 fits on 9j?

    Hi guys As you see the title I did plus sizing on my E-220 blutec The original AMG line model comes with 245/40/18 front and 265/35/18 rear . am gonna change the rear to 245/40/18 on 9j rim Any one has the same experience please? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. zenman63

    ML63 2012 retro fits

    ML63 coming in a couple of weeks now so looking at fitting the missing bits I have on my 164. First is cooled seats, I will miss that, looking on epc and have most parts on a quote at parts, seat harness supports the wiring I think so might be plug and play after coding, the dash switch has a...
  4. S

    Wanted: any wheel that fits to a CL500 W215

    Preferably 18 inch, ET45! PM me if anyone has any wheels for sale!
  5. O

    Will coilovers designed for w211 amg fits CLS55 amg?

    Can anyone comments on the above? As I do believe they both shares the same chassis? I am currently looking to fit a set of BC coilovers for my cls55. But they only do this for w211. To fit the coilovers over the airmatic cars i will need the rear control arm from a non airmatic car, can...
  6. S

    B class W246 wing mirror cover fits C class W204? Both LED facelift.

    Hi Guys, anyone has any idea if B class W246 side wing mirror cover fits C class w204 facelift led side mirrors? Thanks in advance. Part number is this. A24681101609696
  7. Felstmiester

    what fits what when it comes to diffusers spoilers

    Can anyone give a definite answer on differences between saloon vs coupe and pre facelift vs facelift when it comes to rear spoilers, diffusers and front lips. A coupe spoiler doesn't fit a saloon or so I've heard. But I've also heard a coupe diffuser will fit a saloon. Amount of times a good...
  8. W

    Renntech V2 Lowering Module (fits most airmatic/ABC cars) £410 posted

    Hi all, We have for sale a Renntech V2 lowering module, that I bought from the forum group buy a year ago. I still haven't got it fitted so it looks like I'll never get around to fitting it, hence I'm selling it now. Not used. Only opened to check content. Link to fitting/usage...
  9. M

    E240 tiptronic gearbox broken, what else fits

    Hi Have an E240 W210 V reg with a tiptronic gearbox, seems as if the gearbox is dead as slips and holds gears then when it does work changes really harshly. Fluid change and oil filter not an opition as I think there was water ingress when the rad split. Have got a preface lift car that I can...
  10. mirras

    Help Please - What fits here ?- OM642

    Folks, I have a split in what I think is an air hose on my W221 320CDI. The part connects to the adaptor on the throttle body shown below... I've trawled through EPC and can't find it, can anyone point me to the right section or help me with a part number please?
  11. M

    New Air Filter Part no A2710940204 Fits

    Hi, i forgot i had it,Part No A 2710940204 I bought it for a petrol C class 180 54 plate but i know it fits others, still sealed sold the car now so £10 if you want it, can be picked up Romford Essex, or plus postage. If no one wants i will put it on ebay, Thanks
  12. Lust4Life

    Pair of ITG Panel Filters - Fits S55, C55 and SLK55

    I changed the filters on my C55 today and discovered that I actually had ITG Profilters in there! They could do with a good clean but look perfect other than that. I've no idea how long they've been in there but the car has only done 54,000 miles. According to the ITG website these should...
  13. 300CE

    Mercedes AMG hammer rear spoiler & boot lid fits coupe C124 W124

    Should this really have hammer in the title?! Mercedes AMG hammer rear spoiler & boot lid fits coupe C124 W124 | eBay
  14. Gucci

    S-Class ownership... if it fits on my drive

    Always liked the current S Class behemoth and prices are looking tempting. Eg £18k for S350 with 46k on clock from a dealer. So, fuel economy isn't bad considering the size of the beast, but what about other costs? Insurance tangy? How different are costs to service v my old M Class? Parts...
  15. fatdazza

    Jack Pad Tool (Fits W203, W209, W211, W219)

    Reverse Logic Jack Pad Tool Fits W203, W209, W211, W219. I bought this from a US seller and it is a superb piece of kit for jacking (it fits perfectly into the rubber recesses on the cills). No longer needed as my C Class was written off Jack Pad Tools for BMW, Mercedes, GT-R...
  16. keysl

    R129 SL Panoramic Roof - fits all years of R129

    As bought from Mike here: Now fully repainted - rust repaired and cured etc. Mint condition. Colour is now black/blue (paint code 199) - repainted this colour since Mike owned it. Further...
  17. S

    Mercedes 18'' Alloys and Tyres - Genuine OEM - Fits R230 SL

    Mercedes 18'' Alloys and Tyres - Genuine OEM - Fits R230 SL | eBay This is a set of Genuine, OEM 18" AMG Alloy Wheels and Tyres, to suit a Mercedes R230 SL. All 4 alloys are perfect and tyres have only done 200 miles. The fronts are 8.5J x 18 and the rears are 9.5J x 18 The Michelin...
  18. 300CE

    Mercedes W124 spare fuel can (fits in the spare wheel)

    Never seen one of these for sale before: Mercedes W124 spare fuel can | eBay
  19. X

    Which TV Tuner fits?

    Been looking at getting a TV Tuner for my W210. Can anyone point in correct direction? There are some on ebay...MERCEDES TV TUNER | eBay But which one fits etc? I have a W210 with the command unit, i also bought a nokia for the in car phone which works perfect, just need to get my tv...
  20. Tfyiu

    W212 AMG style IV fits A207?

    Hi all, i have just got my a207 cabrio with stock 17". i have found a set of mint condition style iv from stock w212 amg package. The sizes and offsets are slightly different than those that comes with A207 amg package. W212 amg style iv: f 245/40/18 8.5" ET 48 r 265/35/18 9.0" ET 52 A207...
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