1. S

    replacement box fitted

    Hi,Ive recently replaced my r129 sl320 transmission but although its much improved its still not engaging 2nd gear. Thinking of changing the transmission ECU as the cheapest next move,but I havent a clue to its location. Any ideas/suggestions anyone. Car is 1994.Thanks.
  2. Ray1888

    New spoiler fitted this morning

    Subtle but I like it
  3. Ray1888

    New spoiler fitted this morning

  4. J

    essex based, where can I get e55 headers fitted

    Hi all I have eurocharged headers I want to fit but need someone good to do the work. Looking for someone local as would need to leave there car there. Thanks
  5. RickyBurrows

    new grille fitted, wheels next...

    Fitted the new grille not sure on it yet but with the new wheels ordered im hoping it will all tie in good and grow on me. Before Now
  6. Charles Morgan

    Fitting M103 3 litre into W201 fitted with M103 2.6litre

    I met a very nice chap at Prescott hill-climb yesterday with an immaculate W201 2.6 litre 4 speed auto. He has a perfect 3 litre engine he wants to fit to give the car a bit more punch (it did exceptionally well on the hill-climb driving school). He thinks it is a straight swap, I identified...
  7. gIzzE

    Fitted DAB to my S212 last week......

    After 18 months in the E350 estate I finally got round to fitting DAB in it last week. Now I know DAB is low bitrate, but worth it for 5 Live without the constant AM noise that all Mercs tend to have. DAB unit £100 eBay Harness £120 from davidsauto on eBay VW DAB arial for £12 on eBay...
  8. C180AMG71

    New Pads fitted

    I'm finding the standard brake pads too soft so I had them all replaced this morning with a set of "Brembo" pads..
  9. Peter Michaels

    Wrong injectors fitted

    Hello can anyone please tell me what the danger is driving with wrong injectors? I drive a 2002 MB C class 220 CDI diesel estate. One day it would not start and my mechanic rung me to say it needs 3 injectors. He said he can get them from the breakers yard for £60 each. I agree and he replaced...
  10. adrianlobont

    Rattle after new discs and pads fitted

    Hi all, Two days ago I changed my front and rear brake discs and pads ( brembo ). Now when I'm driving over any rough surface or over small pot holes and bumps I'm getting some funny noises coming from the front of the car, something like a rattle. All this happen without me pressing...
  11. Doc matt

    Vossen VFS2 fitted to my CLS63

    Just thought I'd post some pics of my new Vossen's fitted yesterday. In 20" with Contact sport 6 tyres 10.5 rear, 9 front purchased from Prestige Wheel Centre Birmingham I was a little worried about the harsher ride on 20's with the tryes but to be honest I can't really tell the difference...
  12. A

    R129 SL500 - New to me wheels fitted

    I have swapped the wheels on my SL today - looks much fresher :) Just need a new front grille if anyone knows one going please let me know
  13. T

    SL350 stuck in Park. New aux battery fitted.

    Hi folks, My wonderful and thus far super-reliable 2007 SL350 has been stuck in Park for 5 weeks after the Aux battery ran down over the winter (or perhaps, more accurately, after I let it run down!) I've replaced it with a new one and charged the new one too as it was at 12.5 and it's now...
  14. JimGreen

    Private Plate that fitted the bill...............

    Well, having just moved to Hull I decided that now the move is out of the way and i have time to spend back in the garage, I thought I'd treat the new car to a private plate...... I started off just looking for anything with AMG in the registration and then fell on this one "HU11...
  15. jon.english68

    Fitted new wheel centres today as 1 of the originals fell off [emoji849] not sure abo

    Fitted new wheel centres today as 1 of the originals fell off not too sure about them, think I should have gone for the originals :doh: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. D

    C class w204 alloys fitted with Dunlop tyres - as new condition

    I have a full set of 4 alloy wheels (Rota Battle) fitted with Dunlop winter tyres. They've only covered around 2000 miles from new so they've had very little use. I've sold my c-class now, so they're of no use to me. These were supplied by the company 'rare rims' and they are the correct fitment...
  17. M

    W211 HID bulbs. What you got fitted?

    I'm looking to replace the his bulb. I'm between Osram night breaker and Osram cool blue. Has anyone fitted them? What's the light output and which ones would be better? Thanks
  18. Jim55

    Have I got dpf fitted

    Any way of finding out ,it's a 2008 c220 cdi sport, reg OV58 SOJ ,I think it's 177 brake or thereabouts runs fine but I'm gona get it remapped and egr delete and poss dpf delete at same time but if I don't have one it saves me the bother ,I gave the car a good clean recently and tailpipe is as...
  19. ACID

    Facelift A45 AMS Induction Fitted with Dyno

    Facelift A45 AMG 4Matic for an AMS Induction, Supplied and Fitted by us!!! Stock: 358.57 Whp (401.60 Bhp) 333.41 Wtq (373.42 Ft Lbs Torque) AMS Induction fitted: 364.40 Whp (408.13 Bhp) 334.02 Wtq (374.10 Ft Lbs Torque) NCi80qGptrQ
  20. V

    Clifford cat 1 alarm fitted but shock sensor not allowed??

    Hello, My Vito w639 only has a factory immobiliser so I just got professionally fitted a oem clifford 330x1 alarm to make it a full Thatcham cat 1 alarm upon collection I asked the actual guy who installed it what the sensitivity on the shock sensor is set to which he answered it's been...
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