1. Asal

    Fixing a bad polishing job

    Main MB dealer did Star Guard paint protection on the car as part of the purchase deal. When I finally uplifted my car, and 2 days later in sunshine, I see all the polisher swirl marks all over the car, not happy, but the dealer did not inspire confidence. I am reluctant to let the same people...
  2. K

    Help E55 possible Voltage Regulator issue. Battery Red Error. Need fixing tomorrow

    I am in big trouble and need my car fixed tomorrow ( Friday) I suspect the voltage regulator has gone, as both battery's were changed around 1.5 years ago and the voltage is just 11.7v with the engine running. Terry is busy for quite a well. I am located in Bracknell and will try Star...
  3. G

    W245 Grab Handle Fixing Clips x2

    I need a pair of fixing clips for a roof grab handle from a W245. Apparently, the ones from W169 is different - yes the two models share engines, dashboards, almost everything else, but something as important as grab handle fixing clip got to be individually designed... :doh: Anyway, it's...
  4. developer

    A Permanent Badge Fixing Solution- Advice Req'd

    So I've bought an genuine AMG grill badge (thanks Phil) :thumb:, as per photo one - was it an expensive bit of plastic? - don't ask :crazy:. Photo One It fixes to the black plastic strip in between the silver "blades" shown in photo two, using two self tapping screws, driven through the strip...
  5. R

    Front numberplate fixing

    Daft as this may sound, I've just acquired another CLK55 which has a big rubber block attached to the front bumper and to which the numberplate is then attached. This makes the car about an inch longer than it needs to be, and means it doesn't fit the garage as well as the last one which, I'm...
  6. noogieman

    Reputable shop in UK fixing dead pixles on my acc HU?

    I was watching Discovery Channel on my dumb teevee. I must confess I do it very often! :rock: :bannana: It was an old episode of Wheela 'n' Deela with Mr. Mike and cool Edd China. Mr. China is very cool and knows how to repair stuff. Mr. Mike is cool finding cars at a bargain price most of...
  7. Spitfire

    Boot-lip spoiler fixing, 3M VHB tape?

    Hi all I have just finished making my own one-off carbon boot-lip spoiler (and carbon diffuser section beneath the rear bumper) and reading some earlier posts on here I understand that some people have used 3M VHB double sided tape to fix their spoilers in place and am considering doing the...
  8. T

    Fixing tow hook cover on a w202

    My tow hook cover came off. Just wondering does anyone know how i can put it back on securely please Its exactly like this one. The vent/grille thing lower part of the bumper (left side) next to the hole This thing
  9. Spitfire

    Diffuser/bumper trim fixing bolt/rivet/screw?

    Planning to remove the standard black plastic rear under-bumper trim to modify it and take a mould from the modified item in order to create my own carbon fibre 'diffuser' from it. Bought a brand new plastic trim a while back (£54 + VAT from my main dealer, surprisingly reasonable, to be...
  10. Bobsta

    W204 sunroof care / fixing squeak

    Hi folks, The sunroof on my '09 W204 makes a pretty horrible squeak when opening and closing. What's the recommended maintenance on the mechanism and roof seal? It sounds like it needs a lubricant of some sort. Thanks, Bobsta
  11. A

    Seat rail fixing bolts

    Hi all. Anyone got any fixing bolts for the seat rail to the seat box in a 2006 vito? I think they are plain M10 but I can't track down any with a flat enough head! Also, I need the lower plastic trim for the interior of the B post, both sides. Anyone got any of these? Thanks!
  12. gadget1960

    Bonnet badge fixing clip

    Sorry to post this again but still looking for the clip that fits the bonnet 3 pointed badge on a w210 e240 51reg: Anyone??
  13. gadget1960

    Bonnet badge round fixing clip

    Hi to all, a bit of a long shot this but ....does anyone happen to have a spare fixing clip for the 3 pointed star on the bonnet? I purchased one from e'bay and it did not come with the round fixing clip so is pretty much useless right now! I originally had the flat laurels badge which is an...
  14. Reggie-rock

    Fuel filler cap cord fixing, HELP.

    I have purchased a new petrol filler cap for my 2006 CLK as the old one is broken, but I can't work out how to remove the old cord from the inside of the filler cover flap, which is held in place by a kind of grommet which I will reuse for the new one. Can anyone help me please?
  15. M

    How to fix a cracked wheel?

    Hi All I have a 2005 CLS. I had what appeared to be a slow puncture. I took it to a tyre place and they couldn't find a puncture but on taking the wheel off found a 1 inch crack on the inside edge of the rim and they believe air is thus seeping from the tyre. I assume this is wear and tear...
  16. C

    Fixing tape for CLK spoiler

    Hi all, I finally found my lip spoiler for my W209 CLK, can anyone tell me the best fixing tape to use to put it on? Thanks
  17. N

    Fixing Ground Interference on W169 - Where do I Start???

    Hi Guys, Whenever I have my phone plugged into the AuxIn and also charging from the 12V Socket, I have lots of interference. It changes pitch if you accelerate etc, and this seems to suggest that it is a ground issues possibly with the alternator. I have been told that I can buy moise...
  18. J

    SLK R171 Rear number plate fixing problems

    Just bought an R171 SLK 350 and decided to replace the number plates with some private ones from one of my other cars. Big problem as on the rear plate I couldn't shift 3 out of 4 retaining bolts. One eventually sheared leaving part of the bolt flush with the top of the fixing. Anyone got any...
  19. Omega

    E270 CDI Handbook / Fixing clips ?

    Hi guys, My mate has just bought an E270 cdi (‘04 I think). He hasn’t got a handbook for it, so I said I’d ask on here if they are available. It doesn’t have to be brand new. I asked my local MB place about 2 weeks ago, but so far nothing. He also needs a couple of fixing clips, for the...
  20. leeosborne

    W211 roof bar fixing point covers

    Hi, new to the forum & MB ownership. I've just bought a 2006 E320 sport and a set of roof bars to carry my bike around. When I took the bars off last time I must have knocked the cover that flicks back over the fixing points and it has come adrift. I've managed to retrieve the little black...
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