1. G

    W204 Paint flaking on door handles.

    Hi , Just looking to see if there is a common problem with the paint on the door handles flaking? Been to Mercedes dealer and been through MBUK and they are simply just not interested in helping identify the problem or to undertake any work under the extended warranty. Three out of the four...
  2. S

    Can Flaking On Wheels Be Repaired?

    I looked at a 2004 M Class today that was in pretty good nick. However, the chrome/paint on two of the wheels is flaking off in patches. Can this be treated, and if so, by who, and how much? Cheers.
  3. corned

    A couple of small areas of flaking top coat

    I have a couple of small areas on the front where the top (nano?) coat is flaking off the colour coat. I guess stone impacts have started the process, but has been/will continue to be exacerbated no doubt by washing, particularly by pressure. The colour coat is intact, but the flaky areas look...
  4. Gucci

    Flaking lacquer on ML rear pillars

    :( As the title suggests, suddenly on the black rear plastic pillars either side of the rear screen, the lacquer is peeling off very quickly and very noticeably. I noticed on another ML nearby the same thing happening. How much to get these re-lacquered you reckon? :dk:
  5. simonl

    Paint flaking on alloy

    Today I noticed that a small area of bubbly paint on one ally has flaked off presumably exposing the bare wheel. I am planning to get all my wheels refurbed but I can't really afford it at the moment. Will the wheel be okay for now or should I get it seen to sooner rather than later...
  6. simonl

    Silencer paint flaking - result

    A while back I posted a request about sorting out the paint flaking on my silencer. It appears to have been a victim of the downtime and I recall there being interest in the result. Well, I finally got this task done at the w/e. Give it a sand down and cleaned it with cellulose thinners...
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