1. B

    W212 E300 fuel filler flap problem

    my son mentioned to me this evening that my fuel flap was hanging open. Took a closer look and it would appear that the "hinge" is broken where it attaches to the housing. The top seems well anchored but the bottom of the plastic hinge no longer seems to be attached to the housing inside the...
  2. N

    C350e - replacement latch for electric flap

    Hi guys The rear bumber of my car has taken a knock (not serious), but the latch for the flap that covers the charging socket is now broken. The flap itself is fine, but no longer stays shut. Anyone know the best place to source a replacement, and any idea of cost? I'm guessing it's...
  3. A

    R107 roof tonneau flap

    Help! Hi guys. i am in a bit of bother. the soft top is raised on my R107, but i cannot put it down because i cannot raise the roof cover flap. i have done it before, but now when i try turning the levers on the left rear interior, they just do not release the cover. :wallbash: Has the cable...
  4. estate-agent

    Looks like inlet flap delete for me...

    Well all has been fine with my CLK (270 CDI) until today. Just popped into Cornwall and all was fine as usual. Started the car ready for my trip home to Devon and as soon as I pulled out of the car park... No boost. :mad: Drove the 70 mile journey back to my home town with the ecu light on...
  5. philsmerc

    S205 Fuel Filler Flap

    Hi Back in the suumer, I posted on here to ask fellow 205 BlueTec owners if they'd ecountered a ticking noise coming from the fuel flap area (or below) for about 20 seconds after switch-off. No-one seemed to have had similar although there were suggestions it could either be exhaust cooling...
  6. Alfie

    W203 stepper motor / flap clicking

    We recently had a customer come in with his W203 C class that had the often common 'clicking' from behind the dashboard. Mercedes Benz Guildford quoted him £1500 and Mercedes Ascot quoted £2500 to fix it! Staggering. ASRA has the job down as an eight hour exercise! We put him in touch...
  7. brucemillar

    W124 Wagon. Petrol Flap Solenoid Mech?

    Folks I have just noticed that my solenoid is not working meaning i have to use the manual plunger. I suspect that this is down to excess paint in the mech (car has just had a bare metal re-spray). The manual plunger is stiff. Liberal use of WD40 has not freed this up. I need to get the...
  8. D

    HVAC flap reset 2014 W166 ML350

    Hi Is there a way to reset the HVAC flaps on a W166 (ML350) ? I've tried the Demist + Recirc option and that doesn't work for this model. I'm getting slightly warmer air on the drivers side (when trying to cool the car) than the passenger side and also an intermittent rising pitch noise for a...
  9. P

    Fuel filler flap

    Hi, I am new to this forum so maybe I should say something about myself before asking my question. I drive a Mercedes B180 which I was given by an elderly friend who is no longer able to drive, in the family we also have 2 X Mazda 2, an MGTF and soon to have a Mazda MX5. I have a problem with...
  10. L

    A32m2 - Charcoal Filter Flap Motor

    I was hoping somebody might be able to asist with a part number check? I decided to bite the bullet and rip the dash out on my Clk to get the annoying 'snapping' sound coming from the Charcoal filter stepper motor/linkage. This is now the 2nd time I've had to do this. About 2 years ago I...
  11. C

    e320 w211 fuel flap

    Went to the fuel station to try fuel up and the flap was locked and wouldn't open. I went home and removed the panel in the boot and unlocked it manually. The actuator will lock but not unlock, is there a repair for this or is it a new actuator needed? I tried using the search function but...
  12. J

    R170 Fuel flap lock

    The fuel flap does not lock with the central locking, I can hear it click, I can see it move, I can physically push that red bar in the back and the pin pops out, then it pops back in with the remote, but won't stick out, tried wd40, any advice appreciated. Thanks Jet
  13. Chalpkin

    W203 Heater flap reset

    Hi all, I know that its been asked before but what's the procedure for resetting the heater vents. Regards, Chalpkin.
  14. D

    E200K Camshaft magnet / air flap valve problem.

    I have a W210 E200K. Engine type M111957 I am getting fault code P0010 - “A” Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit (Bank 1). I am also not getting any supercharger boost because the air flap valve/bypass valve (the thing next to the air box, above the supercharger) is remaining wide open all...
  15. B

    How do I replace a fuel flap actuator on a W212

    A couple of days ago I placed a message on here requesting advice on how to sort out my fuel flap that got stuck on my W212 http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/electronics/204648-w212-fuel-flap-stuck.html The emergency release didn't work so I used brute force to open the flap. I then put lots...
  16. B

    W212 fuel flap stuck

    Hi I'm hoping someone can help me My 2012 W212 fuel flap is stuck closed and it wont open. I have pulled the emergency release in the boot but that wont release it either. I presume that the actuator pin has got stuck or simply doesn't work anymore. I did think it might be the fuse but I...
  17. S

    Swirl Flap carrier

    I need a swirl flap carrier from a c220 cdi 2002. Its plastic, circular with a tag on the top and bottom. and fits inside the round port of the inlet manifold next to cylinder head. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks
  18. P

    Recirculated air flap problem (C208)

    Hello all, I have a problem on my CLK 200 Kompressor (Year: 2001, engine code: 111.956) with recirculated air flap, which is on the top of the supercharger. The air flap sometimes does not work. When the engine is cold and i'm starting the car there are two possibilities: the first is that...
  19. P

    Petrol flap doesn't open ??

    Hi guys before I take my car to Mercedes does anyone know what's up with my petrol flap it doesn't open when pushed but sometimes opens at random times on the road. It's a 2014 b180 Cdi Appreciate all replys thanks
  20. OJLane

    Not starting after Inlet Manifold flap removal and EGR Delete

    Hi all, just done the swirl flap and EGR deletes, loads of fuel getting to the injectors but won't fire, any suggestions on what to try? Many thanks
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