1. D

    600 SEL 722.4 gearbox flaring between 2nd and 3rd gears

    Hi everyone, Another little niggle for which I hope your collective wisdom will have an answer: When cold, the gearbox in my 600 has started flaring on the 2/3 shift. By flaring, I mean that instead of revs tracking as follows: 0-2500/shift point-1000 I witness 0-2500/shift...
  2. boomtings

    w124 722.501 gearbox flaring.

    Hi. My 300 24v TE is reving between gear changes. Its also slow to engage into drive and reverse I assume this is why it flares. I've changed fluid and filter and although it feels better it still misbehaves. The cars a Hughes TT and I'm pretty sure that a vac line is disconnected to...
  3. C

    W203 CDI220 2006 - Revs Flaring

    Hi, Hoping to get some advice and info before I go with the indie suggested option of reconditioning the gearbox. I have a 2006 CDI220 that I bought just a few weeks back. All seemed well until I drove it on the first cold morning and here is what then happens: Happens only when the...
  4. simonafloat

    ml270 flaring gear change

    Hi all My ML270 gearbox is playing up, its an 02 reg with the 722.6 box. When it changes up from 3rd to 4th gear it 'flares' (revs up then down) almost as if its in neutral for a second. Had a gearbox ATF and filter change yesterday, which has made the gearchanges and 'feel' of the car...
  5. M

    2002 w203 C220 CDi transmission flaring

    Hi all - I wonder if anyone can help. Bought the car only a couple of months ago, my first auto, I think the problem has been with the car since I had it (cheers seller :mad:). The gearbox 'flares' - kinda slips, only between 3rd and 4th and only when it's warmed up 10 miles+ I've just...
  6. G

    Flaring Fenders

    I am in the US and very interested in how the Mobil One benz flared the fenders(Silver/Blue) benz. Techinique and apporximate flare? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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