1. I

    3 flash direction

    Is there any way to switch off (permanently) the 3 flash direction indicators system? I personally find them annoying and really don't see any point in them.
  2. bob6600

    Halfords Flash Sale Today Only

    25 piece Spanner set (not Advanced) £35 ends 12pm SPANNER 3 Tonne ratchet axle stands £14 from 16:00-18:00 AXLE STANDS
  3. E

    EXCLUSIVE 30 % OFF Online Sales: FLASH SALE

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  4. E

    Flash Sale at EuroCarParts: 25% OFF EVERYTHING

    Flash Sale at EuroCarParts 25% OFF EVERYTHING Ends midnight tonight!
  5. O

    Ml270 w163 full beams flash on their own

    Hey guys I'm new to Mercedes and the forum but have got a 2004 ML270 with xenon headlights and when I have the light switch/stalk set to auto it will randomly flash the full beams on and off. I would imagine I have a switch fault but it's more of a guess than anything. Any info or advise...
  6. S

    Eurocharged Remap Flash Cable

    Hi I have a Eurochrged Flash cable for sale if anyone needs one £20 and £5 Recorded delivery Thanks
  7. lisa110rry

    Indicator on but won't flash

    Yesterday at around mid day I was out and about and noticed that when I used my indicators they would light but wouldn't flash. Big worry! The car is already small enough and for some reason invisible to other drivers who seem to pull in front of it with gay abandon. I went to my normal...
  8. dog

    dash flash

    Hi i got a 300sl 1992 when i use the indicator the all the light cluster flashes in the dash. I was told it was the wires arcing under the seat which had checked but it was not. Told now that it is the indicator relay in the fuse box could it be something else, just checking before i fork out...
  9. M

    W163 Indicators wont flash when locking car

    Hi Guy's, Before you jump on me, I have done a lot of research on this, there are clearly loads of posts on this forum and others about similar symptoms to mine but no clear solution. So here goes. My car has been fine from the day I bought it (last October), recently I noticed that when...
  10. SG1

    Weird flash problem - can anyone help?

    I have an annoying problem with my car, when driving during the day and my lights are off my flash doesn't work at all. At night however when I have my lights on it works as normal!? Anyone have an idea as what this could be as it's quite annoying! The car is a 1997 R129 SL320. Thanks...
  11. O

    Dimsport Mygenius flash Tool

    Hi I am selling my farther's Dimsport Mygenius, it has been used twice so as you can imagine it is as new, it was used on his C63 but he has now bought a new E63, (Yes he is fully aware im selling it :p ) As I already have one for my car it is surplus to requirements, Nothing is...
  12. M

    Dash lights flash on briefly (C180 coupe W203 51 plate)

    This morning on the way to work I had an issue where under braking and declutching to approach a roundabout ALL the lights on the dash flashed on briefly. Didn't affect the engine running as far as I could tell - no stutter. It happened again at the next roundabout but then was fine after...
  13. TudorKing

    Only left side indicators flash on lock-unlock.

    Hi, I purchased a 1997 C180 Classic yesterday and have noticed that only the indicators on the left hand side flash when locking or unlocking. Does anyone have any ideas as to where I should start looking please.
  14. Felstmiester

    C63 engine & gearbox flash tool

    Just scouring fleabay and come across this. C63 AMG Engine & Gearbox ECU Flash Tool | eBay
  15. D

    sl 300 locks dont flash.....

    hi guys....havnt used the sl since November,went to start it yesterday and the battery was flat,charged the battery,starts ok but no flashing locks ,works ok with key, ive ordered new batteries for the keys....I don't have any manuals....is there a sequence to go through to reprogramme...
  16. babyblueCE

    No flash working for the headlights

    Hello all. We've recently purchased a W202 C200 R Rej and the flash is not working for the headlights. When giving way we have to put the full beam on and off to give people. Any ideas?
  17. chester

    usb flash drive

    Tried a few times now to get my usb memory stick to conect to the command system to load music. Tried the head unit slot and the lead in the center box but it will just not register at all. Brand new usb so i would have thought no problems in connecting. Am i missing something or do merc only...
  18. Conquistador

    Hazard lights flash at different intervals when ignition is switched OFF...?

    Only noticed this recently and only on German cars, but the hazard lights flash at a different intervals depending on whether the ignition is off or on. They illuminate and flash for a shorter time when the ignition is off. Easiest way to notice it is putting the hazards on just before you...
  19. P

    Canon 600d DSLR with 18-55mm lens & New Metz Flash

    £300.00 no offers Canon 600d DSLR with 18-55mm lens. It comes with 2 new batteries, strap and a mains charger. It also comes complete with a Metz 36 AF-5 Flash with clip in diffuser which I bought brand new just 10 days ago from the Camera Centre in Cardiff and cost just a tad under...
  20. M

    Flash for cash

    BBC News - Warning over 'flash-for-cash' car accident insurance scam
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