1. I

    French Speed Camera - Flashed the Other Day

    I got flashed while catching up with my mate on the road to the Chunnel on the French side, last Saturday. Bum. Was doing around 150kph in a 130 zone. The internet predictably says everything you could ever want to hear. Does anyone know what might happen, in recent experience? The most...
  2. S

    got flashed doing 26 in 20 central London

    Hey people I can't believe it I got flashed today at old street roundabout doing 26 (speedo indicated 26 in 20) I genuinely thought it was a 30 mph zone I have no points and I have had points for like 6 years. Do you think I will be offered the speed awareness course ? Do you...
  3. MoAMG

    Flashed at 40MPH in a 40MPH zone

    Travelling eastbound on the A406 last night having joined it at Chiswick roundabout from the A4. This patch of the A406 is 40MPH. Coming up to the first camera, a newly fitted camera may I add, switching lanes whilst maintaining 40MPH, the camera flashes 3 times (or maybe twice). Should I expect...
  4. F

    Xenons/LEDs - do you get flashed a lot?

    Since getting my new car with the swivelling xenons I've been flashed a lot more where people think the main beam is on. In my area the street lighting goes off at midnight. So I guess a lot of people assume my main beam is on. Anyone else suffer this?
  5. reason42

    W204 C250 with Xenon ILS - being flashed at

    Hello all, Driving around the country lanes my ILS is a fantastic aid. If an oncoming car approaches it automatically dips etc. All well and expected. However, even when always dipped I'm still getting flashed at as if I have the main beam on. I then saw coming towards me in the dark...
  6. Ant-toe-knee

    Flashed and flashed and

    Flashed so many times I lost count. My 57 e class has xenons , only purchased it from a dealer last week but it's the first time I have driven it at night earlier . The beam does look to high , how do I rectify this? Thanks
  7. ringway

    Driver who flashed others to warn of police speed trap is fined £175.

    Driver, 64, who flashed headlights to warn fellow motorists of speed trap hauled to court and fined for 'obstructing police' Michael Thompson believed he was doing his 'civic duty' by alerting drivers on the opposite side of a dual carriageway. He is seen here outside Grimsby...
  8. M

    Power lost after dealer flashed ECU and replaced EGR on 05 W211 E320 CDI

    I have a US version 2005 W211 E320 CDI and had the known problem with the EGR valve causing the car to go in limp mode. Took the car in under warranty to the dealer and they replaced the EGR and flashed and SCN coded the ECU with the current software per DTB article, however since I got the car...
  9. P

    Possibly Flashed 12 times by a once inactive camera !

    A friend got a fixed penalty notice the other day for doing 48 mph in a 40mph area.The camera hadnt been working for years and the camera was facing him ? :eek: ...it didn.t flash either . Thing is the guy is really worried as he has gone past this camera over the past two weeks at speeds...
  10. Kam

    Flashed camera, car was not even there

    I have just received a fixed penalty for driving at 38mph ina 30mph zone. Problem is that the car on the 14/01/2007 was flashed driving on some road in Bristol. Even though evreyone in my house uses the car, no one had driven to Bristol or anywhere near that area on that date. In fact the car...
  11. KLP 92

    Just got flashed by mobile camera van. Can i appeal? Advice needed.

    Not for speeding though. I live in a one way road, with access restricted from the main road except for cycles. This was done 5 years ago to stop people using the road as a rat run and i must say its worked wonders. But you still get the occasional people still entering through the no...
  12. jaymanek

    Flashed at the Traffic Lights!

    Hi All, Was around midnight last thursday, went through a yellow light and one of those grey cameras flashed me... Got a letter of intended prosecution. Whats the penalty here? If its points then I will fight it to the bitter end as the light was yellow and I cant afford any on my...
  13. GRAV888

    Been flashed?????????

    Check on this site to see if you have been flashed by a speed camera.Click Me.
  14. M

    Does anyone know the law on being flashed abroad

    I put a post on here before because I thought I may have been flashed in france, but heard nothing. At easter went to stay with my girlfriends family in france, on the way home on the motorway my girlfriend saw speed camera but it was to late before she could say slow down got flashed at 100mph...
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