1. PaulPJ

    Run Flat Warning

    Hi Guys, last weekend my dial lit up red telling me I had a flat or that I was low on air. When I tried to move off the car wouldn't move and then the engine stopped and would not start. Is this part and parcel of the warning. Anyway I got it going and stopped at the BP station just outside...
  2. PaulXC

    Mercedes Assistance - Flat battery

    Rather embarrassingly I flattened the battery on the E500. I was working on the car (see here drainage channels) and while doing so I raised and lowered the roof a few times to get at the areas under the hood cover. I also had the CD installing for the digital user manual which took...
  3. Meffy

    Cl500-Run flat inoperative ... esp lights on

    Hi guys, Hope someone here can assist... I've recently cracked my 20" alloy wheel on my cl500 (2010) ... 3rd crack in a year, same wheel. I've been using the space saver which came with the car whilst waiting for a new wheel to arrive. So, it's been on space saver now for 2 days running fine...
  4. G

    Run flat tyres on 2012 e class

    Hi I have purchased e class 220 2012 and they have 17 inch alloys with new hankook run flat tyers. One tyre firm told me they should not be on the car as not the right rims. Just need to know if this is right as it runs ok.
  5. D

    For Sale Run Flat Tyres

    I'm UK based and selling the MOE run flat tyres that were fitted to my new GLC, they were replaced by Mercedes 6th May 2017 to ease the well publicised GLC crabbing issue. These tyres are aprox two months old with less than 1000 miles on them. If you're interested contact me to discus...
  6. I

    W215 CL500 Flat Battery

    Hi everyone yesterday I had a flat battery on my 2002 Cl500, I charged the battery and on starting the car I had two faults show up ,BAS problem and ESP problem also the ABS light has come on.Are these genuine faults or caused by taking thee battery off ,there were no faults before the flat...
  7. S

    Flat battery no access to boot

    My battery is flat on my 320clk cab. I do not have the 3 prongs under the cap in the front just an earth. I have drilled my boot lid until it looks like a Swiss cheese there is no rod in the back to pull up! It is a UK model 2002 any ideas. My latest it to scrap it as I am now very frustrated:
  8. vijilants

    Sports Grill for Mercedes W204 S204 C Class Matt Flat Black C63 AMG Look

    I purchased the grill below three weeks ago for £137.75 from a German supplier. It is matt black with a genuine Mercedes chrome star It fits the W204 C Class, however after fitting it, the look didn't work with the colour of my car. The grill was then removed.....so never used. It is fitted...
  9. R

    W212 w207 w204 c207 steering wheel and airbag flat bottom sport

    Mercedes steering wheel and airbag with paddle shift was removed from my W212 E350 2010 it's the sport version with a flat bottom. In full working order the part numbers are in the pictures.
  10. S

    Restraint Sys Malfunction, ABS Run Flat, Cruise Control & SPEEDTRONIC inoperative

    Hello, I'm a New member and Just got a problem with my AMG c220 cdi sport Blue-efficiency 2012 When i turn on the Car below error display on my dash * Restraint sys malfunction consult workshop * Abs inoperative * Active bonnet malfunction * Run flat indicator inoperative * Cruise...
  11. 1

    R129 600 limp home after charging flat battery?

    I have a 1996 R129 SL600 and I wonder if anyone has experience of the following problem. The car was garaged for about 2 months the battery was totally flat, not even a warning lamp. I could not open the boot but manage to find the main power cable up in the drivers foot well (RHD car), I...
  12. S

    Run Flat Tyres

    Tire manufacturers have special branding to indicate run-flat capability. The following is a list of the branding used by manufacturers we carry: Bridgestone: RFT Continental: SSR (SelfSupportingRunflat) Dunlop: DSST or DSST CTT or DSST RunOnFlat Firestone: RFT...
  13. D

    CL flat battery, can't open boot How to

    More of a tip than question. Anyway battery was flat on the car today because of interior light being left on. There is no way of jumping the car. No terminal under bonnet. Interweb says under passenger carpet and alloy plate there is a jumper point which there isn't. (S class there is). Didn't...
  14. grober

    FI Gordon Murray designs the first flat pack truck

    FI Gordon Murray designs the first flat pack truck for third word countries --- the OX. Excellent illustration of less is more. F1 engineer makes 'first flat-pack truck' - BBC News Can this flat-pack truck save the world? | Top Gear reminds me a bit of the go anywhere Steyr Puch...
  15. David404

    Run Flat Indicator - 2009 W211

    My car has the run flat system fitted. Should the run flat warning lamp in the dash display illuminate briefly when I first turn the ignition on as a confirmation that the bulb is working?
  16. Pete W

    Flat spotted wheels after hitting a pothole

    As per title Car was in MB today and they say I have flat spotted both wheels on the passenger side and they need replacing. Thing is the car drives fine no vibrations. Can these be repaired or am I looking at new rims even though I can not feel any problems/vibrations through steering etc.
  17. Dogbreath

    Flat AMG emblem/badge for W211

    Anyone know where I can get a flat black AMG bonnet badge for my E55. Not a eBay special from China Thanks lee
  18. A

    Flat battery, possible fan running.

    Hi all, the good lady went out to start the car this morning and nothing. So i took the battery cover off and it jump started straight away, no problems. Whilst looking at the battery this evening to get the spec to buy a new one i noticed a small fan running, it is behind where the battery...
  19. S

    W204 Facelift AMG Flat Bottom & Top Leather Steering wheel

    Hi all, My AMG flat bottom and top steering wheel for W204 facelift model is up for sale. Full leather with perforated sides. Comes complete with Airbag. Plug and play for W204 pre facelift. Other models, may need recoding and maybe steering column. Cannot guarantee. Looking for £650...
  20. O

    Flat battery

    Now that the sun is coming out want to get my P&J out and about again (cant wait) don't want to miss an opportunity but there is a problem and patience is wearing thin. The battery has been on a trickle charger , which for some reason has stopped charging,(Will deal with this later) but...
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