1. ash59fifty-uk

    Any fleet managers on here?

    Or anyone that knows the laws regarding the monitoring/tracking of vehicles Our company has recently started to really penny pinch, making us put down to the exact minute of leaving in the morning, arriving home etc. This is fine, as what this will do is cost them slightly more as in general we...
  2. gr1nch

    Uber and the rise of fleet managed drivers

    Just for back from Portugal and after getting ripped off by a taxi driver in Porto, tried Uber later. Chatting with the driver, he explained that he worked (wage + commission + full use of car) for a boss who had a fleet of 10 cars all fully maintained. All the driver had to do was clean the...
  3. Gollom

    What is in Maff's fleet nowadays?

    Was going through old pics and came across some at the (infamous) GTG in Torquay where I met SuzyCute. Amongst them were some of Maff with his Aston Martin convertible. Set me wondering what he has nowadays as there was always exotica involved such as a Mercedes DTM, Ferrari 399GTO, McClaren...
  4. jonnyboy

    need some help, changes to family fleet required, bamboozled with choices

    I had a thread running about possibly changing the classic to a leased new L200/D Max/Ranger. But I am very unsure indeed, see below!! Real quandary about direction, current fleet:- Mrs' Galaxy petrol turbo, 5yrs old, needs replacing in next 6m or ideally sooner, hardly need more than 5...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Latest Addition to the KillerHERTZ Fleet

    Today I had my new daily driver rider arrive which will replace my current MY2008 GT Avalanche 1.0. I do 50 miles a week to and from work, aswell as long rides at the weekend. -GT Avalanche Expert MY:2015 -0.5 Bhp Specs for bike geeks: Frame Hydroformed & Butted Speed...
  6. N

    Fleet Road Garage Holbech

    Hi guys very new to the forum and to MB ownership. Have just put my W140 coupé in to the above mentioned garage just wondered if anyone has had any experience with them?? Many thanks
  7. E

    Anyone used Huxleys in Fleet, Hants ?

    Found these guys on another forum. Just picked up a C55. Does anyone have any experiences with them?
  8. Timster

    Another "Zoe" on the mbclub fleet!

    Hi! After reasonably extensive research and test driving and a lot of maths I've just ordered a Renault Zoe. I know, from the very helpful threads on this forum, that I'm not the only one here with one. It's going to be the second car for the family and I'll mainly use it for my 50 mile...
  9. Deane x

    How to spec car with fleet solutions

    I am trying to spec a 350e estate the same as prem plus but with out pan roof so co2 is less than 50 but can't seem to do it .... Any one ordered with them know how many thanks
  10. flango

    New addition to the fleet

    Hi All SWMBO New Ford Kuga arrived today. 2.0 Duratorq with RS pack mapped to 210 bhp. I can't believe Ford have come on so much they must have been taking lessons from when they owned Volvo as the quality has moved on massively and so as the drive. Just been out for lunch and so far so good...
  11. flango

    New Addition to the fleet

    Bought this today for JSWMBO Totally mint 92k, FMSH, A folder full of records and bills, service/repair receipts. Guess who's going to be detailing it tomorrow :doh: One happy daughter who's also going for her first job interview on Monday
  12. The _Don

    Mercedes c63 amg edition 507: Ph fleet

  13. HotJambalaya

    Anyone do Personal fleet insurance?

    Just wondering, I started with 2 cars on a multicar policy, then on renewal it worked out cheaper to have 2 separate policies, I'm going to be adding a 3rd car (getting my old pulsar Gti-R out of storage) and there's a small chance of a 4th car. It's prohibitively expensive getting new policies...
  14. Charles Morgan

    New car quote from Norton Heritage Fleet cover

    My new car arrives today and of course, I just remembered it needed insurance. So I ring Norton Heritage who handle all my classics and my absurd fleet. Jayne Devey there has looked after me for years, she is unfailingly sweet and delightful to deal with and their policies are normally...
  15. The _Don

    Mercedes c63 amg edition 507: Pistonheads fleet

  16. The _Don

    Cls63 amg shooting brake: Ph fleet

  17. The _Don

    Amg performance fleet visit edinburgh.

    Go thrash a amg. Dear ............ We are please to announce that the Mercedes-AMG Performance Fleet is visiting us once again for a short period of time. These 8 special vehicles will be with us until Monday 4th November, and are available for test drive at any time between then and now...
  18. W

    Mercedes cls63 amg shooting brake: Ph fleet

    Mercedes CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake: PH Fleet - PistonHeads
  19. 321mutley

    Hi everyone, just bought another Merc to add to the fleet

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member and wanted to say hello. I've just bought a ML500 as an addition to the family fleet to help transport my growing family. In addition to the ML, my wife has a A160L and we have a Sprinter, although that's being sold. I love the ML, it's my first 4x4, I...
  20. Charles Morgan

    Heritage from Norton Fleet Insurance - Highly recommended

    I rarely have the opportunity to sing the praises of most companies I deal with, not because I don't get good service, but simply because most of the time I deal with someone in a call centre to whom I am unlikely to speak again. However, I wanted specifically to highlight a firm that has given...
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