1. R

    Today I fulfilled a lifetime ambition and flew with a Spitfire:)

    Like many blokes I have always had an ambition to fly a Spitfire! Unfortunately the lack of a Spitfire and a Pilots licence has thwarted this ambition. I had researched flying in 2 seat Spitfires like The Grace Spitfire but basically the CCA have banned such fun. Today, however, I chased a...
  2. kps70

    w140 bonnet flew up and bent whilst driving

    Hi - I am in Cheltenham and looking for a place nearby that might be able to help. My wife was driving today and the bonnet flew up and bent. I think it's also bent the hinges as the bonnet is all misaligned and won't close. The bonnet is bent beyond repair so I'm going to need to locate a...
  3. kps70

    w140 bonnet just flew up whilst driving

    On my way to see my mum, the bonnet on my 1993 s class flew up and nearly wrenched itself off the hinges. The wife was driving at the time. Scary stuff. The bonnet is now bent and it looks like the hinges have been bent. I guess it could have been worse - no damage to the windscreen or other...
  4. Shala

    W202 left screenwash nozzle just flew off

    driving down the street i decided to wash my windscreen i suddenly saw a massive fountain on my bonnet. realised the nozzle flew off. how easy would it be to replace one of those? thanks shala
  5. M

    Was driving on the M1 today and my indicator flew off

    Was driving on M1 was just coming up to my exit when my indicator flew off the driver behind started flashing me. So when I got to my destination had a look and the whole unit was gone just leaving the wires with the connector boxes on. I looked on Euro car parts, can anyone tell me I looked...
  6. Alps

    Indicator flew off!

    driving down the A12 last night and heard what sounded like something hitting the tyre, got home and found a hole where the passenger side indicator was! must have flew off! anyone got any passenger side clear bosch ones lying around, or know how much they are at the dealers?, also do you...
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