1. L

    W211 Bi Xenon flickering

    My nearside headlight has just started flickering. Those that have fixed this, was it the igniter unit on the back of lamp or the control unit under the headlight? Is there a way of diagnosing without replacing various parts? Many thanks all.
  2. BigChap

    Command flickering on/off and not adjusting

    As title really, command screen has started flickering on/off and the two buttons at the bottom don't work a lot of the time, screen adjust and a phone function. Anyone had this before? It's in a c63 2010 if that matters Mark
  3. F

    W220 S500 HID lights flickering

    Hi, everyone..my 1999 (V-Reg) w220 S500 has developped a fault with both inner headlights ( I believe HID?)..basically the bulbs located nearest the chrome grille, both sides, which I have set up as daytime driving lights,when switched on, begin to flicker, like a neon sign that won't illuminate...
  4. Abb

    DRL's Flickering

    As my ML project continues, I have installed some brand new OEM DRL's (from a ML63) to my ML350. Apart form them being slightly longer they appear to be the same, and have connected up with no issues using the original wiring/plugs. When I start the car, they both begin to flicker (one first...
  5. B

    VIDEO!! W211 flickering interior and exterior lights.

    Hi, first time poster looking for a little advice if possible.....video included below. .. I recently bought a W211 e55 and have spent the last couple of months fixing various bits and pieces and getting it to my liking, one strange issue I've been having that I'm struggling to resolve is...
  6. P

    LED number plate flickering

    I replaced the number plate festoon bulbs with SMD LED error free lights. True they are error free on the OBC, but they flicker sometimes (as I only see them when I walk around the back of the car). Do I need a different set of LEDs or load resistors? Anyone used LED number plate lights...
  7. S

    Hello all - Head lights flickering on tick over

    Hello to every one on the forum I thought I'd join the forum as I've had a couple of problems worth sharing (a problem shared is a problem halved) I Bought My 59 plate CLS350 CDI with 63k on it from an MB main dealer in June 2013 with the 12 months tier 1 warranty. The head lights flicker...
  8. Bambam13

    Problem with LED sidelights.

    I've had error free LED sidelights fitted to my c180k coupe for about 3 months now with no problems what so ever. Suddenly I've noticed the drivers side only has stopped working. I've searched the forum and elsewhere online and cannot find a specific answer. I've swapped the bulbs...
  9. jambo6859

    Flickering Comand Screen W204 Class 2007

    My screen (pop out version) comes on then starts flickering and then turns off. The sound still comes out and I still have access the the CD's Sat Nav, Phone etc, but the f*cking screen goes blank. Any ideas what is going on? This is driving me nuts.
  10. Borys

    W220 cluster flickering

    On my new acquired s320 cdi cluster flickers.goes dim,then bright again,flickers a bit and so on.It's on its way out I recon-thought would never experience it on my skin :-( Found a company in London "Cluster repairs UK" they charge 160+vat.Did any one used them before? I'm booked for Sat
  11. T

    intermittant flickering of red light with down arrow

    My 1996 s500 has a ping/tick every 3.5 seconds from the instrument cluster. On ocassion a red idiot light just below and to the right of the speedometer flickers on for an instatn to 2 seconds. The light has a down pointing arrow. There is a louder ping when it illuminates. The owner's manual...
  12. X

    xenon light flickering

    One xenon headlight on my 2004 Clk (drivers side) keeps flickering on/off. Is this symptomatic of incipient bulb failure or is it more typical of ballast failure?
  13. ConvertibleCLK

    Flickering Dash!

    I stuck my car into CKS to have the chrome dial surrounds fitted, they fell off. SO back it went to have new ones fitted. When I collected the car I noticed that when I indicate the centre LCD now flashes on and off! CKS told me to take it somewhere else to fix… Any clues as to why this has...
  14. R

    Xenon flickering

    Evening folks My offside Xenon (OEM) sometimes flickers a bit.Do you think its the bulb or ballast thats starting playing up. BTW i have a spare bulb.perhaps someone will change it at the southern GTG
  15. C

    W124 Flickering Headlights - Dashboard warning light

    Since buying the Coupe whenever I put my leadlights on a bright orangy coloured light appears on the instrument binnacle - its annoying but I just thought it was normal. Ive since been told that it is not, and infact indicates a probelm with the headlights. The headlights, indicators and...
  16. jaymanek

    W220 Instrument Cluster Flickering

    Back light flickers on the MPH display.. BBA want 195 to repair.. see http://www.bba-reman.com/catalogue/DetailedProduct.aspx?DetailedProduct= 559 I began to take the cluster apart but it looks very complex inside, two boards on top of one another... i havent removed the top circuit...
  17. chrisbala

    H6W LED light flickering

    My sidelights are flickering now - they are LED H6W ones, does that mean I need to change them or is there a loose connection - both are flickering cheers
  18. F

    Xenons Flickering

    Has anyone else noticed a flicker off their xenons? or are mine going bammy?
  19. R

    2000 CLK55 - Boot Open LED Flickering

    The LED which is integrated into my electric boot release switch is coming on and off at random when the boot is shut. If the car is locked, this triggers the alarm :mad: I cannot park anywhere except my garage as I cannot lock my car. Can anyone suggest a fault diagnosis plan or point me in...
  20. T

    SRS dash light flickering on

    The SRS light on my dash is occasionally flickering on during hard braking or flamboyant cornering. Could this be a loose connection or is it likely to be more complicated? Thanks for looking. Toby _________________
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