1. F

    c class flip screen stuck

    my 2011 class flip screen has stuck half way, radio still works, any ideas ?
  2. B

    Old 3 button flip key required for parts.

    Anyone got a 3 button Mercedes flip key knocking around in a drawer etc that they don't need anymore? I need an electrical bit from inside but I dont know what the part is without seeing another one! I've included the pic below to give you an idea of what I need. I must have damaged the...
  3. R

    Flip key fobs NLA from Mercedes!

    I ordered a new infrared 3 button flip keyfob for my R129 from Merc brentford in July, cost £207 and was told it would be 10-14 days from Germany. 3 weeks went past, called up and was told its on back order. Found out last week its NLA! The chap on the parts desk suggested writing a...
  4. E

    Synchronising one-button infra-red flip keys to the car

    As part of sorting out the remote central locking on my '94 R129, I needed to know how to synchronise the infra-red key fob to the car. I found four different options (and if anyone has any more, please add them): Method One: (THIS WORKED ON MINE) Point the transmitter at any door/boot...
  5. V

    W202 Flip key

    Its been a while since I've been on the forum.I have posted a thread on this subjet before but I have now found additional symptoms. I cannot seem to figure out the problem with this key on my dad's C230. The batteries keep on getting flat,I have been through alot of them,different makes etc...
  6. B

    j.v.c flip fron c/d player ect

    hi i have a jvc flip front c/d radio player model just put it on e-bay , my number is 0771 944 5729 lpool area
  7. L

    W202 Flip Key Fob - How it works?

    Hi, The flip key that came with the early W202 models (pre 1997) with one large button for locking and unlocking. Can someone run through how the key lock/unlocks and disables the immobilizer. My understanding is that infra-red unlocks the car, via receiver in internal rearview mirror...
  8. Dieter

    Document flip

    Hi, All of a sudden this program called 'document flip' has appeared. When I'm typing it keeps popping up and it's driving me mad. I can find info about it on Google..but not how to shut it down :eek: Can anyone tell me how to shut it down (forever) :D :D . I have a Logitech wireless...
  9. jaymanek

    Funky Flip Remotes for older cars

    Looks quite good to me and the seller has 100% feedback... useful if you have an older car... all of mine have already got a CAT1 so not worth it...
  10. B

    New Mercedes single button flip Key

    Hi all! I bought this key from KillerHertz on this forum. Its a unmarked spare, single button Merc key. I think KH bought it as a spare so the blade is cut, but you can get the blade on ebay cheaply enough I think. I have no use for this key, never got around to doing anything with it. I...
  11. A

    Standard flip key - is a badge available for it?

    Wasn't sure if this is the right place for this post - seemed a better bet than General. Our W163 ML has the Flip type key with 3 buttons (lock, unlock & boot release). For those not familiar with them it looks like the one in this link (although that's only a 2 button one). Many Mercs in...
  12. blassberg

    D / 7 Tip / Flip / Kick down

    I'm driving along in 7th.... typing a message on the forum.... no sorry.... I'm driving along in 7th or D anyway.... I tip down and 6 shows on the gear display, or I flip down and 6 shows on the gear display, or I kick down and D shows on the gear display. Why is that?
  13. Tan

    Flip Keys

    A while ago the dealership snapped the key loop bit off my car key, but didnt get it sorted at the time and the guy at the stealership that said hed get it sorted has left. So looking at alternatives, dont really wanna buy a new key. I have a spare key at home that is the same type, but from...
  14. B

    WANTED: Mercedes flip key - single button version.

    Hi all! Does anybody have a spare flip key hanging around by any change please? The older type single button style.? thanks all
  15. B

    WANTED: Mercedes Single Button Flip Key

    Hi there does anybody have one around from an old car of theirs? The shell on mine is knackered... :(
  16. Tan

    Repairing a flip key

    Hi The bit at the top of my key that attaches to a keyring has broken off. Is there a way of replacing just the case, rather than having to buy a whole new key. Regards Tan
  17. pepper&boulou

    flip[ key

    flip key Does anyone know if it's possible to get a folding/flip key for a 1988 w124 without the plipper buttons. :o
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