1. C

    Floods in Lancs/Yorks

    If anyone here is affected by the floods then I hope you are getting all the help you need and I wish you good luck! Just spoken to a friend of mine with a business in East Lancs who was asking the authorities for sandbags and a pump for the last three day, but was told he wouldn't need...
  2. developer

    Anyone affected by the floods?

    I have a property close to the River Rea at Longbridge - prior to flood prevention measures the road would flood, but not for some years now: Environment Agency - Flood Warnings FWA Detail Anyone else?
  3. aquanaut

    more photos of the floods yesterday...

    rain storm lasted a couple of hours...nightmare for the people whos cars are written off.
  4. B

    300TE - Floods on Starting

    I have a 300TE Estate - 1990 - Single cam engine When I "turn the key" the engine fires once then dies and then will not (fire), start - maybe once a week it will fire and continue to run and I can drive the car.........but every other day it will not fire at all and the engine will not run...
  5. Hanzz

    Driving through floods?!

    I don't know about anyone else out there, but I'm sure there's a few that are annoyed with the local roads flooding here in Somerset/In other areas. Because I live quite out in the sticks, the roads aren't as well maintained. There's a place near me, with fields about and a road that runs...
  6. nigel cross

    Poilce in a hurry in the floods

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvdpYgX4f7Q Sometimes quickest is not fastest
  7. A

    every cloud has a silver lining as the current floods bring joy to some

    Cries of "smashing", "super" and "great" are heard throughout Rotherham as all the Bullseye winners finally get to use their speedboats! :)
  8. Satch


    Since we are in drought conditions and have a hosepipe ban inevitable really. Torrential rain yesterday. Wife calls to tell me that she has had a terrible time driving through the Chobham area this morning as the village centre plus some outlying areas are under standing water. Roads closed...
  9. M


    Haven't figured out the significance but all the animals are lining up in twos down here! Bob
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