1. S

    AMG Floor mats for W205 C class

    Anybody got a spare set laying around?
  2. D

    R107 SL Floor mats

    First time poster! Any recommendations for a good set of colour matched R107 floor mats? All help very much appreciated!
  3. PaulPJ

    C180K Floor Mats

    Hi Guys, after a set of floor mats in black for my manual w204 please. Paul
  4. S

    LHD floor mats in a RHD

    Hey guys, Im thinking of buying these floor mats for my W209. The issue is that they are LHD oriented. Will they fit in a RHD car? Has anyone tried to do so? Thank you...
  5. Ajay Bhatoa

    Becker sat nav adapter and genuine AMG floor mats for c class coupe.

    Hey guys. I have a few items for sale if anyone would be interested. I get a new car on Thursday so these are available straight away. Make me some offers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Grovsie31

    w203 c55 amg floor matts

    Is there anywhere i can get hold of some proper amg floor matts, other than from MB. Ive not looked how much they are, but id imagine there not cheap. The ones in my car say Mercedes Benz on them, but they dont seem to fit that well, especially the 2 in the back, they are too small.
  7. Bruce Wayne

    Mercedes Benz Luggage Net Mesh Pocket Boot Floor W212 W213 C218 E-Class

    Hi all, I have a spare luggage net as per the tittle. It came with my E-Class 220d but never used it. See photos. Mercedes Benz Luggage net Boot floor Black Part Number: A 212 868 00 74 Black New £35 plus postage. Alternatively you are more then welcome to collect, I'm based in...
  8. RyanMuller

    More garage progress (painted floor!)

    So the merc now has a clean floor. Now it's raining for the rest of the week and the merc will probably be a pile of rust by Friday :D Not the best week to pick, but who gets free time nowadays...
  9. B

    Viano w639 floor mats

    Hi All I have a 2012 Viano in 8 seat configuration. Does anyone know if the rear mats I need are different for the 8 seat version (2x3 rear bench seats) to the 7 seat version (1x3 seat bench + 2xcaptains chairs)? All I can find on eBay is conference layout (seats facing each other) and all...
  10. C

    Floor Mats for 2010 CLS Grand Edition

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for a set of Grand Edition floor mats? I have emailed a couple of dealers and they tell me they are out of stock and my only option is standard ones. In particular I want the drivers one as there are a couple of stains I cant get out. As this is the...
  11. flat6buster

    warehouse floor paint

    I am painting my power floated concrete warehouse floor with a single pack paint (fairly light use - only pallet truck and pedestrians). I plan to use a PU paint. Should I use an adhesion promoter first to 'key' the surface or would a PU paint 2 coats suffice? I have been given advice by a...
  12. F

    Genuine Mercedes Floor Mats - Various

    Genuine Mercedes Floor Mats - Various W202 , w203 , W204, W210 I'm having a clear out and have come across a bunch of carpet mats from various Mercedes I've owned over the years. The 202 mats are the most worn as you can see from the pictures, but the rest of them are in fairly good...
  13. tommyboy40

    W 215 Genuine floor mats in beige

    As the title says, I'm looking for a set of mats for the w215 in beige. Cheere
  14. S

    welding floor panels

    Is there anywhere that sells floor pans or sills as I need a bit off wielding sorting on my car its a cl500 2001 don't want to put patches on would like to fit correct panel if there available cheers
  15. ShaunB

    Garage floor pattern

    Guys Looking for a few ideas please. Doing a bit of work in my garage, and have decided to put down these floor tiles from Mototile. The area I have to work with is approx. 15 tiles in length, by 9 in width All ideas greatly welcomed Mototile Seamless Garage Flooring - Floor Layout...
  16. nb_racing

    Advice on garage floor paint

    Hi all. I'm wanting to paint my garage floor, it's an old concrete floor which isn't too great but essentially solid. It's obviously very dusty so I'm after some first hand experience or advice on the best paint to use and whether or not to seal it first in order for the paint to adhere...
  17. BillyW124

    W211 black AMG velour floor mats NEW in packet

    These are un opened still in packaging. Maybe fits CLS models too?? £400 collected. 07984802056
  18. waisal

    W202 AMG genuine floor mats

    Hello Looking for excellent or new condition W202 genuine Mercedes floormat set ideally AMG ones for my 1999 C43 saloon Thanks
  19. T

    CLS 320d floor mats needed

    The dealer from where I'm purchasing my 2006 CLS Diesel has lost the floor mats, can anyone tell me where to obtain a set apart from main dealers. Thanks.
  20. Simon Lukas

    S123 Rear Fog Light, MPH overlay and Ribbed floor mats

    Morning all. After 10 years being separated from my 280TE, it has arrived from Australia and has joined me in London!! I've searched the net and don't have much joy in locating a rear under bumper fog light (mine has two clear white reverse lights but I need to have one rear fog fitted instead...
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