1. S

    Car stalled, key floppy in ignition and would not start.

    2003 W215 CL600 47,000 miles Had it 5 weeks now and very pleased, apart from the electrical gremlins. The SRS seems O.K. now but there are 2 other issues: The first is the "front turn signal" warning. Dealer replaced bulb, but it's still intermittent. Had advice on another thread...
  2. K

    S230 Drivers mirror floppy

    Hi, New to the forum, I have been looking at an S320 2004 model and the drivers door mirror is floppy, it doesn't wind in or out. What sort of price is a replacement or can a repair kit be purchased. Kind Regards, Steve...
  3. L

    Floppy three pointy star!

    The bonnet star on my w126 is a bit floppy, not to the point of laying to one side but if I brush against it slightly it goes over. Can these be tightened up? need Viagra for a 300se I think!
  4. B

    La Cie USB Floppy Drive

    La Cie USB Floppy Drive. Probably quite a rare thing now... Takes 1.4 Mb HD floppies, connects via USB Also on eBay £15 + £4 postage. Collection welcome from BN1 Nick Froome
  5. Ratz

    Can I make a USB stick behave like a floppy drive?

    Sorry for this being such a techie post but I know there are a few of you in the same profession as me. I am having trouble with a Dell which requires me to run a Windows repair from CD, the trouble is that because it has SATA drives I need to install the drivers as part of the repair...
  6. mercmanuk

    usb floppy drive

    Has anyone a usb floppy drive collecting dust in the cupboard they want to part company with has to be a floppy to load xp sata drivers by pressing f6 cheers
  7. Spinal

    Floppy Woes...

    Not that kind... The 3.5" inch kind... no, still not there... the rectangular, 3.5" kind... Seriously now, I need to put some drivers on a disc so that windows 2000 will recognise my SCSI controller (HP SmartArray 5300); but all my floppies, which I carefully stored away 4/5 years ago (away...
  8. BenzComander

    It's gone all floppy!!

    One of my headrest's wont stay in its adjusted position, it just flop's backwards and forwards and is a general pain on the move as it now rattles as well! Had a look but there does not seem a way into it without unstitching, which I don’t really want to do. Any advice please??
  9. P

    Floppy wing mirrors - E-class??

    The electric folding mirrors on my car have a bit of 'play' up to 10mm in the horizontal axis - can this be adjusted out? and how? or do they all do it! Cheers
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