1. P

    R129 SL500 Air Flow Sensor

    My air flow sensor has proven to be faulty (starts and runs for a short journey, but then goes very lumpy). Bought a replacement from the USA (recon - £140), but it didn't work, making me suspect the emission settings for USA models are different from UK models. Opinions? Finally located...
  2. R

    W211 Hardly Any Air Flow Through Dash Vents

    My air con has been working fine, until this morning when I noticed that there was little airflow through the dash vents. It didn't seem to make any difference when I changed the rotary controls to full face, or full windscreen/floor etc. The fan speed changes, but hardly any difference in...
  3. T

    Injector spec (flow rate) for facelift W202 C200

    Morning all, I've just fitted my DIY fuel economy computer (an "MPGuino") and am looking to get the second of the two values it uses (injector uSec/gall) dialled. I've done some searching and it has been inconclusive. I'm currently using 22lb/hr as my starting flow rate as that's what a US...
  4. WDB124066

    Coolant flow meter.

    Anybody had any experience with these...? May help with overheating issues. Who's Who in Industry
  5. A

    Mass Air Flow Sensor problems

    Does anyone know if there's a fuse for the MAF as have bought 2 brand new ones now and is still coming up with the same fault codes the first one I bought was for £23 off eBay and the one I fitted yesterday was a HAAS one from eurocarparts for about £120 but am still getting codes for MAF or IAT...
  6. Dogbreath

    E55K High flow fuel injectors

    Has anyone fitted these ? I've only found Eurocharged or Fabtech selling the Bosch versions, are there any others to look at? Any info would be grateful. Thanks Lee
  7. mr tibbs

    Air flow pipe split?

    Hi all. I am having my E320 W211 serviced and I just got a call to say that the pipe going into the turbo is split/broken. Can anyone advise where to get a replacement please? Thanks Keith
  8. T

    CLS Right hot film mass air flow sensor above limit

    Right guys I'm after some help. When I purchased my 2006/7 CLS cdi it needed a service, to cut a long story short it had one at my expense as the supplying Vauxhall dealer refused. Anyway, once serviced a few faults were found and rectified by the dealer once they agreed they were current...
  9. C

    2011 313cdi air flow meter replacement.

    Hi, my sprinter went in to limp mode on Saturday, it came up with the air flow meter fault on diagnostics. I bought a new one from Mercedes, fitted it, and still have the same fault code. Does it need coded to the van? Cheers
  10. M

    Cabin air flow in 1995 C220

    The problem is poor air flow, hot or cold, although all flaps and fan speed positions seem to work and the pollen filter is nearly new. Unfortunately I don't have a feel for what the fan speed should be as, when it's removed, it seems to spin properly. There's web info for the W202 LHD heater...
  11. T

    Problem with Air flow meter

    Problem with Air flow meter sensor.Suggestions where to buy one good quality for mercedes C class?
  12. P

    mass air flow sensor (MAF) confused

    I have looked at numerous images including this but mine looks totally different, is this the MAF on mine? If so can anyone point me to the removal process (to clean) on my particular engine 2003/4 c180 Kompressor
  13. M

    sl63 X flow

    Any one out there had the centre cats cut out and an X flow put in to replace...? Thinking of getting it done to my 09 SL63 and wondered if anyone had bothered...and if so was it noticeable....supposed to get 30+ brake plus few more fun bangs and whizz's on downshift....:)))) cheers
  14. H

    Vacuum tube to climate control air flow speed control

    Hi, I've just bought a 92 300CE-24. Once the engine is started, I hear "hee-hee" from the central console. It turns out coming from the air flow speed switch - the left dial in the following picture: I get it out As you can see there are 2 nozzles that connect to 1 vacuum tube in...
  15. M

    Where is the mass air flow sensor / MAF? Pic attached

    I have a C180 Kompressor 2006 I have the check engine light code P0171, system too lean bank. Someone suggested cleaning the MAF sensor and I have the correct cleaning spray to do this, BUT I am unsure where it is and how to disconnect it! Sorry if thats a basic question. I have watched a...
  16. Cyclone1

    MSL / Torque Flow X Pipe System

    Full system looking from the rear of the car. Front of the system with the secondary cats removed and replaced The X pipe X pipe going into the straight pipes that replace the Resonator Straight pipes close up! Looking from the X Pipe to the rear of the car It needed more sound, so...
  17. T

    Sensor keeps popping out (Air Flow?)

    I've found that a sensor keeps coming out every time I accelerate hard (I assume it's a air flow sensor?) Am I missing a clip of some sorts? The car is a W202 C250 TD. Thanks.
  18. paul73mt

    C350 CDI Air Flow Meter

    I am trying to remove my air flow meter from my car but I am unable to remove the side that is closest to the turbo is there a special way to do this as there's no clips on the inner part of the air meter. so could some one please tell me how to do this as the seal is like a plastic. Also the...
  19. P

    P0100 Mass or Volume Air Flow A Circuit

    Which is the MAF sensor I believe. Garage has tried cleaning it to no avail. They mentioned replacing some air filter part that can cause it also (£70). Surely though if anything has caused a problem with the MAF sensor then replacing another part now is too late since its the MAF thats...
  20. O

    Cabin Filter Missing, low air flow?

    Hi all, Both cabin filters are missing... Tut tut... The odd thing is that the air flow with the fan at full speed is not that great? Its not blowing hard. Would that be the cause or something in stuck in the pipes? The inside air/ recirculating cab flap is open, just to say. Cheers.
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