1. M

    Brake fluid for w203?

    Hi I wonder if you guys suggest which brake fluid to buy for W203 2005 cdi first time iam going to change brake fluid but dont know which to buy. will appreciate your suggestion's Many Thanks
  2. Peter Michaels

    Regarding differential fluid

    Hello Iam driving a 2002 c class t wagon. Avantgarde automatic Before I have to pay money, I would like to ask if anyone knows if this car needs differential fluid changing ? It's 15 years old and I suspect it has never been changed My mechanic told me, it might not be with these models...
  3. D

    W209 transmission fluid

    Hi there, I've recently bought a clk270 cdi 2005 with 138k on clock, it has mercedes service history since 30k until the last one and there is no mention about changing transmission fluid. What would be the advice? Change it or do not touch it? Gearbox works good with no kicks the only thing i...
  4. J

    Transmission Fluid, Torque Converter or not?

    Hi All, Just picked up a C250 AMG Sport Automatic 62 plate, 47k miles. As I've just picked it up and it's due a service I've dropped it into a Mercedes Indy for a few bits of work, here's what I've gone for: - Service B (which they tell me includes Air Filter, Pollen Filter, Fuel Filter...
  5. S

    Auto fluid change

    Hi Just had my Bi-annual brake fluid (SBC) changed and the rear diff oil changed in the interests of good service practice. Well-trodden ground I know but I was going to have the Auto trans fluid and filter changed shortly too. I spoke to MB for a quote (just for a laugh) and they said...
  6. T

    7g tronic fluid leak advise

    I've got a s211 E320 and when I got car it had the oil seal replaced on torque converter, noticed last week it had leaked again, was coming from bell housing again, been back to garage but they say it's nothing to do with them as all they did was change seal and told dealers they wouldnt...
  7. S

    Mercedes s204 brake fluid leak

    Just been to pick the wife up, pulled up to let her in and the brake pedal sunk lower than usual, proceeded to drive home and decided to pull over to check fluid level, it was 10mm below the high mark, drove the rest of the journey, luckily only a few minutes up the road, when home rechecked...
  8. S

    W211 722.6, which fluid?

    Hi At 111K miles and no history of the trans fluid ever being changed I thought it may be wise to get it changed. I know that 'proper' MB fluid would be the way to go but my local specialist says he will use Mobil 1 and a local transmission specialist says he will use only MB fluid. I...
  9. Baldbloke

    Power steering fluid for a 2007 E class estate

    Just done an oil and filter change and noticed the Power steering fluid was on the lowest mark on the dip stick. I can see no indication in my owners manual or in the engine bay which fluid to use to top up. Any pointers please as I don't want to use something incompatible and my nearest dealer...
  10. A

    Brake fluid service

    Only had brake fluid service done 2 years ago and have done about 5K miles since. Mercedes are saying its due again. Does it really need changing again?
  11. T

    What are the symptoms of an E270 auto box that needs a fluid and filter change?

    I've only done 900ish miles in my 179,000 mile fsh E270cdi and I don't know when the auto fluid and filter was last done. It's a 2004 E270cdi. There is a bit of a whine when the car is pulling away or under load and I'm wondering if this could be the auto box complaining about the state of...
  12. D

    How often do you change your auto gearbox fluid?

    I'm struggling to confirm how often the fluid in the 7g autogearbox on a r172 should be changed. I've just acquired a 350 registered August 2011, with 24,000 miles. And although I have a copy of the digital service record up to June 2015, (it is not clear if it was serviced in June 2016), I...
  13. T

    W211 facelift power steering fluid

    Got a grinding kind of sound from steering and just checked fluid and its just below min mark, can I get some power steering fluid from local shop or is a specific one recommended to use? Thanks
  14. U

    CLK350 Auto transmission fluid change

    Hi I took my 2006 CLK350 petrol for service, and asked if they could take a look at transmission fluid level. When the car is cold first thing in morning, for the first 100 yards or so the car revs but seems to stick in low gear. It then frees itself, and no further problems during the day...
  15. DelDrew

    Brake fluid change - advice needed!

    Hi all, Can I get some advice on changing the brake fluid on my 2007 CLK280 sport. I saw on a w208 topic that the sequence of bleeding those models is: Rear right Rear left Front right Front left I don't know if this is the same for our 209's and also whether this sequence is only correct for...
  16. Don-vic

    Auto transmission fluid change -300TE

    I'm planning to service my transmission at home but have two queries before I start: 1) I'm told that MB has "approved/recommended" the use of fluids listed on sheet 236.14 for gearboxes 722.3 and 4. As fluids listed on sheets 236.9 and .10 are getting scarce, the newer fluids are apparently a...
  17. ToeKnee

    ABC fluid and filter change done.

    Did the ABC fluid and filter change on my 2006 SL500 today, car has done 49000 miles. Followed the on-line instructions and it was a very simple and straightforward job. One thing I noticed though was that there is a code on top of the filter which I'm assuming is a manufacturer date code, on...
  18. K

    w212 power steering fluid

    2010 E350 212. Power steering works fine but on cold mornings there is a wining noise for quite a while, worse when steering wheel is turned. I've removed the massive cover over the engine and found the reservoir, the fluid is near the bottom of the dipstick. is this a special fluid that i...
  19. M.A.94

    Brake fluid 2001 w210 e320

    So my font disks are warped and my rears are at a stage where they need replacing. Since I'm going to be doing all this I might aswel bleed out the system and put fresh fluid in. Just wondering what brake fluid people with the same car are using. My brake setup is all factory spec. Cheers
  20. D

    Clk 320 transmission fluid

    Hi, can anyone help me, I have a CLK 320, W208 auto. How many litres of transmission fluid does it take. Thanks
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