1. P

    R129 door position: flush, recessed or proud?

    Hi, By adjusting the position of the lock striker located on the door aperture near to the rear wing I can set how far the trailing edge of the door sits inside or outside of the the rear wing. But what is the correct position? Should the trailing edge of the door be recessed just inside of...
  2. R

    Motor flush and brake cleaner

    Hi Can I use brake cleaner to clean my manifold/inlet? My plan is to spray it inside the manifold at 2500rev? Does anybody know crc motor flush? Good or bad? W211 e270 03 Thx Ronny

    ATF: Flush or Change?

    I read on here that the securing clip on the ATF filler/dip-stick tube is coloured black when it leaves the factory and subsequent ATF checks by services is replaced with a red clip. Today I broke off the BLACK plastic clip, which means my gearbox hasn't been checked since leaving the factory...
  4. clk320x

    Flush mount fascia

    Anyone know where a flush mount fascia for a double din radio can be ordered? Can't find one for a CLK with the new style dash. Cheers
  5. Lenny63

    55k coolant change / flush

    Hi folks I had the coolant changed back in July however when I did my alternator I lost quite. A bit due to undoing lots of pipework I just topped up temporarily to get me through winter but i now want to completely drain , flush and refill the system I found a good diy guide here...
  6. S

    w204 722.6 ATF flush

    Hey guys I have read through BlackC55's DIY on doing the 722.6 flush which is great - however I am still a little confused about draining my TC. I have been reading some conflicting advice. I have taken two photos from under my car. The first photo shows the banjo bolt coming back from cooler...
  7. B

    ATF Flush on a W220

    Has anyone done an ATF flush on their W220?
  8. M

    W211 Transmission Fluid Flush?

    Recently I have been experiencing a bit of noise when shifting through P, R, and D. On cold starts when I select the R gear the car seems to vibrate a fair bit. Been told that I could most probably benefit from a transmission fluid flush. What do you guys reckon? Ideally I would prefer for...
  9. Tim203

    BG Quick Clean Transmission Flush

    A couple of weeks ago I changed the fluid and filter in my 722.6 auto box. I had been very cautious about using an additive to try and relieve annoying luck up clutch judder that has plagued the car since I've had it. Thanks to forum members I narrowed the problem down to sticking valves/...
  10. Tim203

    Transmission flush addiditives.

    Just a bit curious as to why people are generally anti cleaning additives for transmissions. A know someone who is a rep for BG additives and gave me a can of quick clean to try. He's had some good results on Range Rovers apparently. Anyone know of the down sides? Thanks Tim
  11. M

    ABC Fluid Flush

    Hi All, I heard to keep you car trouble free from ABC issues you should do a fluid flush every 20,000 miles, this would take me ages to cover. Does anybody do this and seen results? If so does anybody reccomend a time period instead of mileage period of when to do it? Also how often do you...
  12. J

    Coolant flush

    Hi, I will be changing my coolant on my slk 200 at the weekend. Can anyone tell me if there is a drain **** for draining down the engine. Many thanks.
  13. J

    HELP! Engine noisy after oil change and flush W245 B170

    Hi everyone, recently we had an oil change to our car and our mechanic friend noticed a build up of sludge at the oil filler cap and he recommended we do an engine flush, so we left the car with him and he done the flush and oil and filter change. Picked the car up and off we went. The next...
  14. L

    W210 boot lid not sitting flush? Help

    It's been bugging me for a while now my w210 e55 boot lid doesn't not seem to sit flush seem to sit abit high, is there anyway of adjusting it? Thanks
  15. bigjacques1

    engine flush at oil change recommended?

    Is it recommended to use a engind flush product on a 2006 c class when doing a oil change,and if so what product will be recommended
  16. optimusprime

    m103 260e flush and fill

    Can someone please help .The best way to refill with coolant .I have replaced the pump.So realy would like some help please. After old pump removed ,i would think all the fluid was released. Would love to flush the heater core.But the drain on engine block is in such a place i am not able to...
  17. optimusprime

    flush out w124 heater matrix with T piece

    Can you good lads help with this one please. New water pump as been fitted ,i wanted to flush out the system But the drain plug, on the block is in a place that i just cannot get to it to open it up, just no room from above.The drive as a big slope down to the house,so ramps are out.Can i use...
  18. B

    Transmission flush

    Hi Guys If i wanted to flush the tranny fluid how much oil do you think i would need to buy? The car is a 2004 cdi 270 clk Thanks
  19. I

    Transmission fluid flush

    Hi Everyone, First of all I'm new to this forum, infact I've never done this before. So please forgive me if I'm messing up a bit, but please give me a little direction, and I'm a good learner. I have recently bought my pride and joy, my lovely mercedes c220 cdi Avangarde se auto on a 55...
  20. Satch

    Anybody feeling flush?

    Lots 320, 325, 331 perhaps? Quite a few SL's in there Historics at Brooklands - Specialist Classic and Sports Car Auctioneers - Car
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