1. D

    flushing power steering fluid

    I am thinking to flush the power steering fluid of a 2005 Mercedes C200 cdi. After researching it seems there are 2 main ways to do it: by using a turkey baster/pump to suck out the fluid, or by disconnecting the return line. Can you please help me telling me whether the correct place to...
  2. Spinal

    Powder Flushing?!

    I need to get my radiators flushed... I have typical signs of sludge build up. That said, I've stumbled across powder flushing (as a pose to power flushing) here: POWDERFLUSH They seem to the be the only one's doing it that I can find... Has anyone experienced this...
  3. G

    CL500 W215 Flushing the oil from the engine?

    Hello guys, I am looking to do a Service B to my local good friend mechanic instead of the MB. Now the question is the following. A couple of months ago I opened the engine oil tap to top up with 200gr of engine oil. I then noticed that the engine was not very clean (it has done about 120K...
  4. agatward

    Flushing central heating system

    I think my central heating system needs to be flushed - I am having to bleed the radiators about once a week, it is hydrogen gas coming off (I remembered a simple test from Chemistry at school), and the water in the system is all black. Does anyone know of a reputable company or person around...
  5. Colin_b

    Engine and fuel flushing..

    My SLK goes in for its its first service tomorrow, just coming up to a year old and 7k miles. A service, it says, no problem. The service dept tried to sell me the benefits of hiving some oil flushing and fuel additive, and 'this is good for the car'. I asked if MB recommended this treatment...
  6. rajinder_1

    Flushing Fuel Tank Clean

    Hi Does anyone know how you would flush the whole of the fuel tank on a 2001 SL???? As per my previous threads ive got some sort of fine sand/sludge that does not mix in with petrol in my tank and it was a full tank as well??? Raj
  7. uumode

    Engine flushing after oil draining - good/bad?

    The guy who used to service my cars said engine flushing solutions (referring to my COMMA brand) said it was bad to flush the engine. Another place recommends that the engine is flushed with http://www.forteuk.co.uk/Advanced_formula.htm after an oil drain and before the new oil is put in...
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