1. cooks

    key fob

    I tried to lock the doors and windows with button held down on my key fob but nothing happened,have i knocked the sensor or does the fob need reprogramming.This was working..any advice.
  2. markjay

    Replacement Key Fob (not MB)

    My 2010 Kia Soul needs a new key fob. One of the two fobs is playing-up, and while the car is still under its 7-year warranty, the Kia dealer wants £120 to 'investigate' the problem before confirming if the fob will be covered under warranty or not... Anyone can recommend a trusted car...
  3. A

    key fob not working&radio signal is weak

    Hello there members Both my remote key fobs have stopped locking/unlocking the car, I checked the batteries on the off chance that both lots of batteries had failed but they were both ok. I then looked on google & it stated to check fuse number 8 in the boot which I did & it was blown so I...
  4. S

    Damaged key fob!

    W221 S Class 2007 Had a nightmare yesterday evening.... key fob wouldnt work due to low battery so i removed the key part by moving the little button to the side however when pulling out the actual module the metal part of the clip broke off and damaged the plastic! The top part will not stay...
  5. sarah.grandon

    Boot lift with fob

    Hello.. my CLK 320 boot lift doesn't always work with key fob?? It unlocks but doesn't always lift. Does it just need oiling?? Or could it be fob?? [emoji848]...xx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Dogbreath

    Key Fob battery life

    How long are you getting from your battery's in your key? Mine are running out after only a couple of month... anyone else had this happen? Car is a 2005 E55k Don't know if it makes any difference ? Light on fob is not stuck on or owt.....! Thanks Lee
  7. brucemillar

    Key Fob Failures

    I have owned three P38 Range Rovers all of which were very susceptible to alarm failure if parked anywhere near radio masts or the like. Car keys stop working on Quarry Wood Industrial Estate, Aylesford
  8. N

    Central locking off fob and parkatronic not working

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum; I have a couple of problems with my C230 Coupe 2001. The first one is the central locking isn't working off the fob. It works using the switch inside the car. I have changed the battery in the fob and the light in the fob is coming on. It was working if i put...
  9. M

    Reset E220 2005 Fob (W211)

    Hi my fob suddenly stopped working. If I go up to the sensor next to the drivers door handle I am able to lock and unlock. Car starts fine. Radio also works fine. I have read some many different ways to reset the fob so that it unlocks /locks What is the correct procedure
  10. N

    A140 - Car Fob not working

    Hi, Sorry, i know this is somewhat of a double post i have looked through similiar posts but they all slightly differ in solutions so im wondering if the model makes a difference to that, i have tried a few things suggest but none work yet. i have purchased a 2003 A140 (automatic) and the...
  11. M

    C350 key fob problem

    Hi, I have a 2010 model C350 and yesterday the "lock" function on the key fob stopped working. "Unlock" clicks ok and the boot opens via the fob, plus the red light shows on the fob using "unlock" and "boot" but does not show when I press "lock" I have tried a new battery in it but get the same...
  12. M

    bizarre key fob problem

    Good Morning all Well this is weird, both key fobs on my w203 don't want to work in the mornings, it can take anything up to 10 mins to get into my car. But during the day it works perfectly ? Have changed the batteries in both fobs so its not that. Car starts and runs just fine its just getting...
  13. K

    Is it possible to tell which key fob was used?

    Hi, I have a W203 on a 54 plate and I am curious to know if there was an incident that needed investigating, would it actually be possible to tell which key fob was last used to open the car and drive it if i had two of them? Regards, Steve...
  14. karozza

    Key FOB failure!?

    I bought a brand new key fob for my SL55 from MB in April last year & now doesn't work!! I hardly ever use it as I always use the Key Card & it looks brand new. It's always stored with my other car keys which all work fine as well as the other spare key fob I have. This is the later version...
  15. S

    Clk Avantgard Key Fob open button wont work immediately.

    The key fob has had the battery changed but every time I press the button to open the door there is no response. I have to press the button several times before the doors open. Anyone come across this problem before?
  16. S

    Remote key fob battery going flat

    Hi all...I have a s204 Mercedes c220 cdi 2008 and have a problem with one of the key fobs in the fact that it discharges both lithium cr2025 batteries in around a week with the key fob not in use sitting on the table, do have a spare that is fully working and have swapped over the inner part...
  17. MancMike

    Star in middle of fob

    Hi, My fob picked up a few slight marks so I've polished it back up with jeweller's rouge and it's perfect again. The star in the middle however, I think it's plastic painted silver, as it won't polish up. It's a dull yellowish, and it only seems to get worse so I think it's black plastic...
  18. lofty

    Use of emergency key housed in fob

    How many owners have used their Emergency Key blade on the W169 and other models :doh: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just as a point of interest how many owners have bothered to use the emergency key blade installed in the key fob on the...
  19. M

    Vito fob wont unlock/turn in ignition after interior getting wet

    hi guys, On Tuesday we had a big shower and me being stupid id left my window open so the drivers side of my 2006 109cdi Vito got soaked. after drying what i could straight away the van locked, unlocked and fob turned in ignition. the following morning it didnt unlock/ lock or fob turn in...
  20. E

    Key fob not unlocking/locking on 2002 C Class coupe

    Hi All I have just bought myself a great relatively low-mileage 02 plate C-Class coupe C200 and absolutely love it, can't fault the way it drives. Apologies for my first post being a technical question but wondered if anybody might be able to help. The car had not been used for at least 6...
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