1. R

    Flip key fobs NLA from Mercedes!

    I ordered a new infrared 3 button flip keyfob for my R129 from Merc brentford in July, cost £207 and was told it would be 10-14 days from Germany. 3 weeks went past, called up and was told its on back order. Found out last week its NLA! The chap on the parts desk suggested writing a...
  2. P1ckledegg

    Key Fobs (again)

    Hi Guys, I have spent a few hours looking through the web for something that sounds like my problem but I can't find anyone with the same issue. Got home last night in the car, no problems at all, Went to start it this morning and the remote unlock wouldn't open the boot but it did open the...
  3. M

    Key Fobs...

    W211, I have 2 key fobs, one old black one and a new type chrome one. The range on the chrome one is very bad. Batteries ok, as replaced. Any ideas why the old style has a really good range and the chrome one I have to be next to the car. I like using the chrome one as it's in a lot better...
  4. B

    central locking Key Fobs again

    Sorry to resurrect the key fob problem, I have just acquired a 2000 ML270 cdi, has come with both keys. They will not programme I have tried new batteries, Key to pos' 2 hold lock button unlock x 5, within 10 secs I also tried the procedure with the doors locked on the center button, on...
  5. B

    Remote Key Fobs

    I brought my merc from a garage but only recieved 1 key , have seen merc. keys on E-Bay for sale with blank uncut for S Class . Would appreciate any help if worth buying and if possible to be programmed for my car as I do not feel happy with just 1 key. Merc Dealers want £216+VAT ochhh:dk:
  6. K

    keys and fobs

    i currently have a 230te with a gemini alarm and was woundering if their was a chance i i could get the switch blade keys to run the alarm or is this no possible ?
  7. D

    Advice on remote key fobs please..1996 e320

    Can anybody advise me whether i can use a second hand remote fob and just have it reprogrammed AND would the blade have to be completely replaced/reprogrammed also? It's single button for a 1996 e320. Quoted £194 by Mercedes Manchester Central. Which for me is exorbitant considering the car...
  8. N

    Das3 key fobs on ebay

    Hi All thought this may be of use as a lot are being sold on ebay and they are very expensive to buy from Mercedes. Quote from ebay We have noticed a number of Mercedes-Benz keys being sold here on ebay, they are black (latest have chrome on each side) with either 2 or 3 buttons and are known...
  9. D

    Mercedes branded key fobs

    1. MB 'star' keyfob supplied with car when new: fell to bits within 5 months. 2. Replaced with another form the 'MB Collection': 'star' fell off within 8 months (metal fatigue?:D ). 3. Bought another from MB Museuem Stuttgart a few weeks ago...guess what - the 'star' on that one worked...
  10. automaniac

    programing remote fobs

    Hi all, new boy here with a question that may have been answered elsewhere, which is.. I want a second remote/key/fob for my e220 cdi (210) MB dealers want over £150 for a new one, but a well known aucton site has plenty of second hand ones for sale most claim it is possible to re program the...
  11. KillerHERTZ

    Feckin Key Fobs

    My Alarm has killed my Merc Currently, I am sitting here awaiting the AA to come out and make my car work. Got home, went to get in car and the keyfob had died, I swapped batteries and checked the lense in my phone camera and no beam was comming out. Went round to the passenger door and...
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