1. Castor79

    fogging C63 lights

    Evening, Driving home tonight in the pouring rain we have noticed that the front passenger side headlamp is a little fogged up on the bottom part of the lens, closes to the sidelights. It's only on one side so I'm wondering if this is something others have experienced - can't say I've noticed...
  2. Danny DeVito

    Vito Fogging Windscreen

    Has anybody else experienced a foggy windscreen about a foot each side all the way up the ws ? It's very hard to see out. The blower makes it no better and the heat makes no difference. Even with all blow on the ws. Anyone got a solution ??? Thanks
  3. C

    W211 upgrade for cornering fogging lamps

    I have a W211 with active xenons and I would like to know if is possible to upgrade it for auto cornering fogging lamps same as CLS class. Regards
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