1. Kingpin!

    R350 - foggy windows

    Hi, forum! I've had some problems with the windows that they "fog up" quite easily (at least I think so compared to other cars I've owned and own). For example, I park the car outside of school/kindergarten, press on the button for rest heat, come back 5 minutes later, car still warm and...
  2. D

    w209 foggy headlights

    the headlights on my w209 are all yellow and foggy, has anyone had this problem and tried any of the products on the market.???
  3. B

    Drivers door mirror constantly hot( heated mirror) and now the glass is foggy

    Hi can anyone point me in the area to start solving my problem... I have a 2002 C270 Cdi estate elegance, I've noticed over the past couple of months that the heated mirror on the off side (drivers) is continually on as opposed to the near side which is cold, this as also caused the mirror to...
  4. RonB58

    ML 320 (06) Foggy projector lens

    Hi all, my ML320 (2006) has headlights that are positively dangerous as they provide little light on dark country roads. :eek: I have fitted new H7 Ultrabright bulbs but this is only a marginal improvement. I would like to disassemble the headlight and clean the projector lens as I think this...
  5. Trevithick

    Hello from foggy Cornwall

    I thought I'd better introduce myself as I'm doing the Goodwood meet next month. At present I don't own a MB but you never know,an W124 E500 would be nice for many reasons but the main one being that they were built in the same Porsche plant before my present runaround. I must admit I do like...
  6. pammy

    How cold and foggy has it been this past few days/nights?

    First couple of a rather chilly Edna Then a couple on the garden And yes - solid ice! :eek:
  7. A

    all on a foggy morning

    Ho hum, we got up reasonably early this morning to head off to meet up with Matt and a few others at the Top Gear studios. Annie had decided that if we headed off early we could get a bit of shopping done before the filming - she keeps mentioning this "Christmas" thing and using words like...
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