1. G

    Help: LHD W212: Setting foglamp for UK?

    Folks Any help would be appreciated. I do most of my business mileage abroad so I bought a LHD 2009 W212 E350CDI which - since I'm technically resident in the UK - I'll have to register here. In order to do this, I understand that there's software config that can be done via Star to...
  2. Niks

    124 Foglamp wiring

    I have recently put on a W124 E500 front bumper onto my car and now I want to get the fog lamps connected up and working. What I want to know is, is it possible to disconnect the existing fog lamps in the main headlight cluster and route those wires down into the fog lamps in the bumper? I...
  3. mirras

    Foglamp lens mismatch on R230

    I recently bought a 2003 SL500 and it has two different foglamp lenses. The foglamps are both original ( A 203 820 11/12 56 ) but someone has clearly changed one of the lenses. One is non-transparrent with tightly packed vertical ridges the other is almost completely transparrent with a vertical...
  4. E

    Replacing Foglamp on a CLK W208

    Guys, my driver side foglamp needs replacing. Trying to source a replacement and wondered is the foglamp the same as for the W210 as have seen a few of those advertised ? My CLK is a 2001 W208. Thanks
  5. corned

    Bi-Xenon matching foglamp and main beam bulbs

    I have bi-xenon HID headlamps. Lovely intense blue-white colour. It bugs me that the full beams/sides and the fogs are yellow. Does anyone do a replacement kit so all bulbs look a similar colour? Or is this a standard Halfords/Joe's Car Spares job? Cheers, Corned
  6. 9

    C43 foglamp lense replacement

    Another fog lamp lense has been cracked. Last time I had it done it was not terribly expensive so I'm assuming a simple job - can anyone tell me how it is done? I haven't got round to getting my knees dirty yet to have a poke around. Thanks.
  7. zygote

    Any help with replacing foglamp lens?

    Help I need to replace the foglamp lens on the passenger side of my '02 W203 C180 but can't figure out how to access it. I did notice a square panel in the wheel arch and un-did the 3 bolts holding it on, but it looks like it's held on with plastic rivets as well. Anyway, I bent the...
  8. sgregory124

    How do you change a front foglamp on a C36?

    Hi, OK, long story short.....anyone know how to replace the bulb in a foglamp attached to my C36 AMG? One failed 6 months ago which i've since had the bulb changed on the last service but surely this kind of thing is a DIY job? I've checked both inside the engine compartment and...
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