1. G

    Foglamps not working in w202 xenon housings.

    Hello, some of you may remember my retrofitting C43 xenons in to my C230k thread. Well I just found out that the "internal fog lamps" of the housing (the ones beneath the main beams) do not turn on even though I put the H1 bulbs. Since the C43 was wired for foglamps in the bumper, the...
  2. queenrocks101

    Fitting halo foglamps to Rieger Bumper Mercedez SLK 2002

    Hi to all, I have finally fitted my Rieger Bumper to my Mercedez SLK Kompressor. Now I am faced with a challenge. Has anybody ever fitted Halo foglamps before, and if so, any diagrams and how to connect the wiring. This is the last hurdle. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly...
  3. P

    2005 W203 Foglamps

    I have just changed the headlights for the clear lens type on my '04 W203 C200. Now I want to fit the clear lens foglamps and new style mirror indicators. However the parts guy at my dealer says the blinkers will not fit (something about the wiring) and he is 99.9% sure the foglamps won't...
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