1. O

    Foglight bulbs for '01 W210/S210 E55

    olks, silly question, but which website has more accurate compatibility information: Pelican Parts or Amazon? The reason I ask is because my foglights are circular (AMG styling package, 722 since it's a '01 W210/S210 E55 AMG wagon), but Amazon continues to recommend H1 foglight bulbs. I'd...
  2. R

    W203 foglight removal

    Hello, how easy is it to remove the front offside fog light to replace the bulb? I think I will need to replace the lens in due course due to being cracked but for now I need a replacement bulb. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :thumb:
  3. P

    Foglight mod question

    Hi guys, hope someone can help with a relatively simple question... I'm partial to a little tinkering with my w219 CLS but I don't want to start pulling things apart if someone else has already had a go and can advise. I'm considering a little mod on my foglights, replacing the original...
  4. Blue Moon

    W203 Front Foglight

    Hi all, having owned my 2005 C55 for over a week now, want to attend to some minor cosmetic bits and pieces. First up would be a new o/s front fog lamp. It's the round one I need. I say this as both ECP and Car Parts 4 Less show the lamp as being square on their images, although both list the...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Removing Corrosion from Foglight Electrical Connectors

    The previous owner swapped my front foglights with Xenons :ban: - Yes I know :D but actually they are extremely useful at night as the 'follow me home' lighting lights up my garage brilliantly. as they are brighter than the sun! Twice they have both stopped working, after removing the wheel...
  6. P

    w211 foglight change

    I need to replace the glass lens cover on my 53 plate w211, is it any easy job or shall l leave it till service time when its on ramp. Also thinking of changing the bulbs to a whiter bulb, what fitment is it please Thanks
  7. L

    CLS LED foglight bulbs?

    Hi All, (Be gentle with me here) I have just come over from the 'dark side' - (BMW) I bought a black 2008 CLS 320 CDI earlier this week. (Wife thought I'd gone mad but after 50 miles she's convinced!) I successfully fitted Can Bus error free sidelights today (fingers cut to...
  8. Alscoob

    W204 Foglight replacement

    Hi, New to here & Mercedes ownership, bit of advice please. Anyone know how to change the front foglights in the c350 ? had a stone go through the lens. Looked in the book but no reference, :dk: guess its an undertray off job but advice would be welcome. Also trolly jack jacking points...
  9. A

    W208 CLK 430/55 drivers side front foglight

    Hello, I'm after the drivers side front foglight (round type) for my CLK 55 AMG. I think some of the 430's also had these fitted?
  10. A

    Changing front foglight bulb on CLK430

    My CLK430 Avantgarde has a front fog light bulb that has blown. The manual does not tell me how to change this and it isn't that easy to work out how to do it. The lens is surrounded by the front skirt type spoiler - any ideas gratefully received!
  11. DSM10000

    Foglight bulb type.

    I am away at the moment and do not have access to the handbook, a foglight has blown and I was about to order replacements but cannot remember the correct type. Is it H4 or HB4 type for a 2003 W203 saloon and can anyone recommend a good upgrade bulb? The current ones do not seem very bright...
  12. KillerHERTZ

    Broken Front Foglight - MOT failure?

    Can anyone confirm if having a cracked front foglight (with some of the glass lost) will class as an MOT failure? The foglight still works, but glass is damaged. Thanks!
  13. noops

    LED Foglight Bulbs for C43

    I found these whilst looking on Ebay, as they are shorter than H1 LED bulbs will these fit okay? H3 LED FOGLIGHT BULBS DRL MERCEDES C CLASS 93-98 CL on eBay (end time 27-Feb-11 22:43:18 GMT)
  14. S

    W220 - rear foglight operation

    Hi all Think I might be going mad. I have a 2002 UK 320cdi s class. According to the manual I pull out the round light switch to level 1 or 2 to enable the front or rear fog lights. I know I don't have front lights but assumed rear fog light was mandated for uk MOT. Problem is light switch does...
  15. z4hid

    Foglight Glass

    Hi all Ive managed to put a hole in my drivers side foglight glass and rather than replacing the whole unit i was wondering if any body had part numbers just for the glass itself? i went to Mercedes earlier and the parts dept were adament that all foglights are sold as a complete unit...
  16. Laughing Spam

    No rear nearside tail or foglight on ML270 CDI '54 plate

    The rear nearside tail and foglight has stopped working on my '54 plate ML270 CDI. I've cross-checked everything, bulb, fuse, relay, but there's still no power getting to the bulb holder. PLEASE HELP! It's driving me even more mental than I already am (I have paperwork making it...
  17. trando

    C55 AMG Front Foglight Lens

    Hi all Happy New Year to everyone! I need a new front passenger side foglight lens as mine has smashed - probably as a result of a stone. Anyone know the best place to get one from? I was going to go to my local dealer as a last resort. Also, is it a diy job? Thanks TRANDO
  18. Ian Hunt

    Wanted -W210 nearside foglight lens y2000, post facelift.

    As above! Thanks all.
  19. T

    c43 foglight

    just purchased a C43 AMG '98 model and require front offised foglight as it is cracked.
  20. kraftwerk

    R129 500 foglight lens replacement

    Got new glass for my foglights, both of which cracked when used in below-zero temp at Christmas in the Lake District. Had a quick look yesterday and it doesn't look as straightforward as replacing the indicators. Anyone got any pointers?
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