1. C

    SL55 foglights

    1 set of foglights off 2006 car. Good condition and perfect working order. Will add pics at the weekend. Make me an offer - need the space so not looking for silly money!
  2. KillerHERTZ

    Disabling Foglights via STAR

    I think I have asked in the past, but never got 100% confirmation this could be done. Is it possible to completely disable the front foglights via STAR? Im planning to replace them with Hella DRLs (round, fit in the foglight housing) but dont want the constant dash error. As the previous...
  3. z4hid

    C43 AMG \Foglights

    As per the title - no rear covers - passenger side lense has a crack - can be seen in the picture £20 + delivery\free collection
  4. C

    What no foglights?

    Sorry if this has been covered before but just noticed my A45 has no foglights on the front. There is a switch on the dash for rear fogs but why no front fogs other than saving money? A quick look at the brochure and it looks like none of the new A class now have front fogs. I suppose it stops...
  5. M

    W210 foglights

    Hi all I attempted to fix my foglights on my `99 E320 CDI today till the rain put a stop to it. I have bought a replacement foglight for the drivers side front, which I fitted. I turned the lights on and tried the front foglights, but they were not working. I had a look at the rear foglights and...
  6. G

    WANTED: W163 ML500 AMG Front foglights

    WANTED: W163 ML500 AMG Front foglight lenses in good condition. PAIR. Thanks
  7. KillerHERTZ

    W209 CLK55/W203 C55 Front bumper + All Grills, Both Foglights

    As some of you may know I have recently fitted a CLK63 AMG Front bumper to my W209. As a result I have a spare CLK55 AMG Front bumper - complete with all attachments. The bumper is in good condition apart from: -A tiny crack 5mm which is hidden from view when the foglight grill is fitted...
  8. alistairgd

    Blinking foglights on Skodas and Seats

    What's the deal with the foglights/driving lights on Skodas and Seats that only one side lights up when going around a bend? I really hope my C-Class isn't doing that as it seems utterly pointless to me. Can anyone explain what the idea is behind that?
  9. K

    129 AMG Foglights & Tow Covers

    I need x2 AMG Foglights and tow covers. The foglights are also the same models used on the C Class AMG. They cost £250 each so £1000 for all 4 above from AMG so any help will be appreciated. K
  10. d w124

    C43 foglights

    Only posting as they`re cheap Mercedes C-Class W202 AMG Kit front Foglights | eBay They`re also good for whoever has a WALD bodykit of the era
  11. KillerHERTZ

    W202 Mod: Clear Foglights

    As some of you know, I like to keep things OEM, that said after driving around with a smashed front foglight for over a year (I Photoshop my gallery :D) and I spotted these for sale brand new from a forum member: OEM on right They are made by DEPO: Depo who I have just discovered...
  12. Palmer

    W202 C36 AMG Foglights + Bumper Inserts

    Yo! Searching for some foglights for my C36 bumper, the wiring would be handy too! Also the bumper inserts that go in the bumper to cover the tow eye. If anyone knows of anywhere to get them at a reasonable price hit me up! So far ive got like £60 for 1 for one foglight and £80 per bumper...
  13. imbck666

    W124 AMG front bumper foglights?

    Hi all! I was fortunate enough to find a guy on ebay selling a AMG W124 front and back bumper (gen1) style moulded from the original but GRP. Anyway, after hours of searching forums and calling MB stratford/chelsea etc I have not been able to find part numbers for the BOSCH front foglights...
  14. merc_w202

    W202 C230K Estate - Problem with fog lights

    Hi there, Ive got an unusual problem on my bumper mounted fog lights on my C230K, Ive recently bought the car so im unaware to when the last time the lights worked, The fog lights dont work full stop, bulbs are fine, there is 12 Volts flowing to the sockets and the connectors when I...
  15. S

    Removing foglights

    Hi, what is the best way of removing the foglights from a 2005 C220 Coupe. It's a sport edition so has the mesh grill surrounds. Are they removed from the front by removing the grille surrounds or removed from behind the bumper? I want to remove them to polish them as the are looking quite...
  16. A

    w211 facelift foglights

    I was trying the past 2 days to see how the foglights work. I could n't find anything. The lights are open when you turn (left or right). Any ideas? cheers
  17. R

    W204 foglights

    Any advice please? A bit of grit has comprehensively smashed the lens on the front foglight on my C220 sport. My dealer has a light in stock but how easy are they to fit? Is there much dimantling to do?
  18. JIXX

    Looking for W140 front bumber with foglights after 1995 year!!!

    Looking for W140 front bumber with foglights after 1995 year!!!
  19. H


    If any of you noticed a Silver W211 flashing you on your way home tonight, in heavy rain, on unlit roads, while you had your foglights on - it was me. Get the message?
  20. N

    W211 should there be foglights at rear on both sides?

    Odd question maybe but noticed yesterday I only have a fglight on the drivers side at the rear of my W211 E220cdi, before I start delving around can anyone confirm if the e-class should have rear foglights on both sides? Thanks in advance?
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