1. alistairgd

    W204 - where are the front fogs?

    So today I noticed when I push the fog light button on the dash that the daytime running lights (shown above) go out, but nothing else appears to come on. I have the xenon light pack which looks just like the above photo. Are there no front fogs on this? And supplementary question, why...
  2. Greyman63

    Front Fogs not working CLS55

    So on the foggiest day of the year I discover my front fogs aren't working. Being new to the car and Mercs in general, was just wondering if this is some quirk where you have to reset something after a battery change or if I need to start looking at fuses / bulbs etc? The back ones work fine...
  3. M

    W204 front fogs

    Hi Does anyone know if the twin front fog lamp unit from the facelift models fit into the pre-facelift ones? Apologies if this has been asked before! Thanks Mark.
  4. J

    front fogs lights.

    Hi. os front fog light not working. ive heard horror stories that they are bugger to get at. corroded wires . or full replacement of the lamp unit. jon any ideas from you guys please.:doh:
  5. D

    Fogs modified to run as DRL's on my C32

    Well my new LED HB4's and resistors finally turned up and after work I popped the car up on the ramp and swapped them out and they look great. At lunch time today I set about hooking up the wiring to run the fog lights as DRL's it is simple and most of the work has to be done inside the...
  6. poormansporsche

    Retrofit C43 fogs ? Not working

    Evening all. I have a prefacelift 202 to which I've added a C43 bumper with fogs. I have the piggyback looms that plugs into the back of my headlights. Its all connected fine but the fogs don't illuminate. I'm not sure if the c43 had xenon's could this make a difference to the looms as...
  7. Sheffield Col

    front fogs

    Hi, I have seen a couple of c class cars driving about with just the front fog lamps on, how is this done ?
  8. IMD

    W124 AMG Bumper & fogs - idea on value? Offers?

    Hi all, I have had this AMG bumper for a couple of years. I bought it with the idea of buying a W124 Coupe and fitting, but that never happened! As you can see, I bought it in pretty rough condition, as it's been filled with a lot of fibreglass, but I am sure it can be fitted, if the work is...
  9. zaen1

    w202 fogs go dim when headlights on full

    Hi all.. i have a little problem with my c200 sport. This has just started recently, everytime i switch on the headlights and the fog lights one of the fog lights and headlight goes dim,both on the same side,as soon as i switch off the fogs the headlight resumes to normal brightness. Any ideas...
  10. C

    C63front fogs and pdc sensors

    as above wanted both fogs for c63 bumper and also bumper parking sensors.
  11. hem666

    E350 faceflift - I want front fogs.

    Have just aquired an e350 facelift. I'm feeling a little frustrated. I want front fog lights (yes im a bit of a douche)... Mercedes aftermarket say no.... Brabus says no..... sextons after market tried to reprogram main headlamp unit to release the inbuilt fog light???? and...
  12. abueloeddie

    Front Fogs on New E Class 220 CDi

    Ok, I give up! Where have MB hidden the front fog lights of the E Class 220CDi ?:dk: There is only one bright Rear fog light which shows when the appropriate switch is pressed alongside the main lighting control snd the Hand book and the online User Manual talk about the front fogs coming on...
  13. haggis2768

    w124 AMG fogs

    sorry still not worked out how to link..item no.271045093469. pair new AMG fogs for w124?
  14. aka$h

    c36 amg front bumper+fogs £40

    Mercedes C180 front bumper AMG | eBay
  15. P

    w203 facelift grill & fogs

    Hi, Have a spare w203 facelift front grille in very good condition and a spare set of hella fog lamps (including the HB4 lamps). All in perfect working order with no damage. Grille pic: Fogs pics...
  16. R

    Front Fogs

    Morning All .Quick question . Can i fit front fog lights to my 96 c 180 there seem to be cut outs in the bumper were lights could possibly go .Any advice would be welcome. Thanks:bannana:
  17. noogieman

    Stupid question on fogs for C43 AMG?

    I'm curious if UK right hand drive cars have special customised foglenses for the UK market and if these lenses are only approved in UK and not in the EU? I was going to buy new Hella/Behr foglenses from UK and wanna be sure they are exactly the same as on the german market C43´s? I think...
  18. Druk

    Lucas fogs

    Wanted please for B-i-L a pair of Lucas Square 8 front foglights. Chrome.
  19. h17n dj

    W202 fogs

    Evening guys... Just seen these front foglights for a W202... ive got a W202 facelift with the 'Elegance' front bumper and was just wondering if these foglights would fit? link below... CKS Performance
  20. h17n dj

    W202 front fogs....

    hi! Ive got a W202 post facelift on a 2000 reg... its a C200 Elegance... its got the integrated front fogs with the main headlights.. has anyone changed them and put them at the bottom on the original bumper? is it straight forward? also wheres the best place to get a cheap set of front fogs from?
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