1. mpc

    Comand USB - Not All Folders Showing?

    I have put all my music on a USB but not all the folders are showing in Comand. I have 8 folders - ABC DEF GHI JKL MNO PQR STU VWXYZ Within each folder I have the albums of the different artists by name. Comand only shows the first 5 folders (ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL & MNO), why is this...
  2. M

    Help moving files from many folders into just one folder

    Hi all I am looking for some help please with the following with my windows system- I'm looking to export data to a new database with a different file structure. Filed mapping is fairly straightforward but handling attached documents is giving me a headache... many thanks in advance ...
  3. T

    W203 Comand, MP3's and folders.

    Done a quick search and can't find anything specific to the W203. Now I can get MP3's to play through my CD Changer on my Comand and the tracks names appear but no folders! Just tracks 1 through to 66. Is this the norm or is there a way to burn them so the folders appear to? TIA Terry
  4. jonnyboy

    shared folders

    Hi all Have a dell laptop running windows 7. Somehow, my folders are also available in other user profiles on this machine - documents etc. I'm sure its just a setting somewhere but I am struggling to work out how to change it. What do I do, learned peoples? Thanks.
  5. SL300-24

    MP3 folders in Comand

    I have searched the threads on this but I am still confused :dk: My car is W211 late '06 '56 reg' I can play burned MP3's in my CD Changer no problem but cannot see the folders. This is what I am doing, Cd into computer using CDex and naming tracks from this software. Saving into 'my...
  6. E

    Comand: Folders

    Is there any way of flicking through music folders using steering wheel controls whilst listening to a DVD full of music? :confused:
  7. imadoofus

    Offline Folders

    I think I may have asked this before, some time ago, but here goes: There are some folders on a server running Win Server 2003, accessible by users (using Win XP Pro) who connect to the server via a VPN client. They have these folders set to "Make Available Offline". What would make those...
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