1. W

    Retrofit folding rear seats

    Received my W213 this week, but it has fixed rear seats. Does anybody have any experience of retrofitting folding rear seats? Thanks
  2. B

    W211 folding wing mirror

    I have electrically operated wing mirrors. The one on the driver's side of the car (continental EU) is broken such that when I unfold it, it doesn't stop at it's previous position but unfolds all the way. At a speed of 50km/h there is a feature that "hardens" the mirrors and when this happens...
  3. David404

    W211 (2009) Electrically folding wing mirror issue

    W211 (2009) Electrically folding wing mirror issue Both mirrors fold in perfectly, no problem at all. The NS mirror folds out fine but the OS mirror is stiff. It tries and gets about half way before giving up. To get it to fold out all the way it needs a gentle push at the same time as the...
  4. B

    Prefacelift power folding mirrors

    Were power folding mirrors ever an option on pre-facelift UK cars?
  5. Mr Fixit

    W211 E55 folding rear seats retrofit

    The only missing option I really wish me E55 had is the folding rear seats, do we know if it is possible to retrofit folding rear seats and if so is there anybody who could do this? Ta
  6. M

    W211 Mirror folding alignment

    Hi, I've had my W211 for a few months now, a 2006 e320 CDI (facelift). I've had an issue since i bought in that the mirror when unfolding goes out too much, and so I have to pull it in manually for me to be able to see out of it. When its folded out too much, the mirror doesn't adjust...
  7. T

    Electric Folding Mirrors

    I've just got a 2015 ML250 and heard that I can set the Electric folding mirrors to close when I lock and vice versa when I unlock. Anyone able to help with this?
  8. D

    Automatic Folding Door Mirrors On Close

    I have a 2009 CLC. The door mirrors do not fold in automatically when the car is locked. Does this mean my car does not have this feature or it needs enabling? I looked in the manual and it couldn't be done using the On-board computer. I'm guessing because of this mine is not able to? Thanks.
  9. D

    Fitting electric folding mirrors

    Hi All, Looking into fitting electric folding mirrors to our 2011 W204. The current ones are the arrow type but do not fold. I have noticed some mirrors have a small light underneath them and others do not. Does it matter if they have the light underneath? I think it looks cool :cool: Cheers
  10. CarlPea

    W212 - Fold none folding rear seats

    Hi, Is it possible to fold the rear seats when you don't have the release levers? I'm assuming the mechanism is there but just no cables? Thanks, Carl.
  11. ss201

    W203 n/s door mirror, folding type

    For a 2005 model, 320CDI SE Elegance. Cover, morror and indicator lens not essential as mine are fine, but the internal mechanism with motor was damaged by a passing car. Needs to be the mirror motor with the folding in option for parking, please.
  12. S

    Retrofit folding rear seats

    I know the rear seats can be folded down by accessing two well hidden catches, but can the folding rear seat option be retrofitted on a w212 saloon? Thanks
  13. 8

    GLC Folding rear seats

    I use my car for work and regularly drop the back seats and fill it with all manner of things. I am always infuriated by the front seats moving forward by 6" when i drop the back ones, I then have to go to each front door and reset the seat positions so that I know how much room I have for...
  14. tron

    W210 and W202 folding mirror wiring.

    W210 mirror wires are many and varied. Fitting them to the W202 door is something of a trial if you don't know the conversion. Here it is: function ................Folding W202......................Folding W210 facelift. heater....................... ....1...
  15. A

    2008 ML (W164) Electric Folding Mirrors

    I have an issue with my folding mirrors on my ML. When I fold them by pressing the button, both sides fold but the drivers side stops by hitting the door, which has damaged the paint. The passengers side stops with a small gap between the door and mirror as expected. Does anyone know if the...
  16. N

    Folding Mirrors - modification to stop them causing issues?

    Hi, When I bought my CLK one of my favourite convenience features was the power folding mirrors. Both my driveway and work car park are very tight and the auto folding mirrors made life a lot easier. I read on here that they can cause issues with the indicators/heater so turned the...
  17. Eee21

    Folding Mirrors ML W166

    Hi all i am new on here so sorry if this is repeat post or in the section. My ML250 that i have coming soon does not have folding mirrors which sucks. Is there anyway of adapting them to the central locking or is it too big of a job ? Thanks.
  18. D

    Vito Traveliner vs Dualiner Advice

    Hi, Newbie here, sorry if I'm using the wrong forum. Looking for a bit of advice on choosing the right Vito for our needs... It's decided we want more space than our Audi A6 Avant can offer, with growing kids, camping trips, motorbikes, mtn bikes, etc. Started looking at Transporters...
  19. kam05

    Part number - W204 folding comand screen

    Hi, does anyone know the part number for the missing item for my folding comand screen? The item missing is a small rubber gromit/mount - stops the screen hitting the plastic trim when the screen folds in. Thanks
  20. Trickythemerc

    Folding Mirrors Problem

    So last evening I am leaving Aberdeen airport and looking forward to the 365 mile drive home :( Hit the open button on the key and all the normal bits light up with the click clunk noises. Pull the door open but no movement from the mirrors :fail Get in turn on and press switches on dash...
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