1. brucemillar

    Follow Your Passion
  2. ioweddie

    Follow the route up Mount Everest

  3. J

    Head Gasket R&R follow up...

    It has been a little over a month since my head gasket change and I am pleased with the results. I had a coolant leak at the back of the head at the fire wall. The engine runs much more smooth, the coolant system holds pressure and quantity and pulls to red line as it should. After the first...
  4. ASnowman

    Follow MB at CES 2016

    Not in Las Vegas? Well lots of stuff on MB´s twitter from the show.
  5. developer

    Soaps - Do Yo Follow Them?

    Is there anything more banal, dreary and unrealistic than the soaps? However, some people thrive on them, flicking from the end of one to the start of the next. A pal of mine, a very well educated (to Professor level) chap wouldn't meet up on a Coronation Street night until he'd watched it...
  6. S

    ml63/ml lights question- follow me home

    is there a way to stop the follow me home headlights coming on, on my rrs if you turned the lights off before the ignition they didnt, just when i come home late where i park my headlights shine into a neighbours bedroom so better if they dont come on thanks
  7. Taipan

    W209 follow me home lighting question?

    Hi All If I approach my car at night and unlock it, the (front fog) lights come on. However when I get out of it and lock the car it doesnt switch them on. As my in-laws live up and unlit road its a feature I really miss. Is there a way I can turn this option on or does it have to get plugged...
  8. W

    SL500 1994 - more details to follow

    My SL might be for sale - PM me if interested and I will update below when I get a second. Just had £550 spent on the leather at D Class, Great hood, needs some tidying to make perfect and has intermittent hot start problem I have not had time to look at ... will be cheap to move quickly as...
  9. L_A

    Disable follow me home lights

    How do i disable the "follow me home" or "get me home" light option on a mercedes W211 i have been through the functions on the steering wheel however it doesnt seem to be in the menu, how can i disable these lights??
  10. STU-CLK

    Anyone else on here follow The BTRA?

    Hi, Anyone one on here follow the BTRA: If so have a look at this shortcut as this is the team that im a member of, if not come alone to one of the races and see the 6 ton beasts doing over 100 mph, drifting and fighting for the...
  11. smillion

    To follow a car with Distronic

    Just returned from a 300 mile jaunt and got to thinking about Distronic which on this trip contributed to a very relaxed experience - I just wondered what the people behind thought..... .... as for the first time i established that in actual fact the brake lights do not apply (and I am...
  12. simon22

    My Car has just gone for B Service, Following on from * Is this a Rip or what *

    :eek: Following on from my Last Thread, Is this a Rip or what.. I will give you a Full Report, Later as requested by some of you, Im the Guinea Pig lol ..My CLK 200k 2001 Cab was picked up at 9.30am this morning, for its B Service, they are changing Brake fluid as well,last time it was done was...
  13. M

    C32 purchased Pics to follow on Friday

    Hi All, Well I finally bought the C32 from Stirling that I had been looking at. Just got back this evening after driving down from Birmingham. Car runs great. The only issues are 1) NSF bumper scuffed (will look at a respray for that soon) 2) Valeo radiator fitted (But am clear according to...
  14. PeterE320Cdi

    Follow assist or change oil more often?

    Following assist my car covered 18k mile since the last service which seems a long way without an oil change. Just interested in what other members do. Follow assist or change the oil at set intervals. I was thinking of changing the oil every 10k miles and then a B service every 30k.
  15. pammy

    Follow on from Driveway thread.....

    ... which I found really useful as one of the tasks that will need doing if we get the house we're currently after is the driveway - but that's just one of many :crazy: The house needs a lot of work to bring it to current standards and is Grade II listed meaning we can't just do any old...
  16. Ian B Walker

    My two motors (new at this) More to follow

    The wife has claimed this for work, curse her !! Excuse the water bed in the back, yes really a water bed, son dropped it off for me. Suggests that I get one up on modifications But you should have seen it before, birds wouldnt even have nested there, wilderbeast maybe...
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