1. poormansporsche

    AMG Font Help :)

    alright peeps, after the AMG Font but searching the net its seems its a pretty much knocked up in the shed type font and not available. Could anyone knock me a graphic of these letters: P , R , N and D ? and these numbers 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 in the amg style cheers...
  2. Beetnik

    What's the name of this font?

  3. J

    Wanted W140 Series near side font wing

    Can anyone help, i am looking for a near side front wing for my 1996 W140 series S320L, ideally in azurite blue colour, but any clour will be acceptable as long as the wing is in good condition, willing to travel up to 100 miles from Wolverhampton to collect.
  4. glojo

    AMG font

    Does anyone know what font is similar to, or the exact likeness to the AMG, and 'E-class' signs on our vehicles please? Regards John :devil:
  5. guydewdney

    optima font?

    Anyone got it? cant find it guydewdney @ gmail com pretty please....
  6. A

    Font: Eurostile T Regular

    has anyone got the above font they could share with me
  7. R

    Font problem!

    My son and I both have office 2000 on our computers but he can do homework in fonts that I dont have on my machine. Am I missing a font add on or something?? Thanks in advance:)
  8. hitt

    W124 Font Wings

    Does anybody know if the W124 front wings on a coupe are the same as those on a saloon? Also was there any change to these wings post-facelift? My car is a pre-facelift model? Thanks :bannana:
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