1. garycat

    Valet parkers and the foot operated parking brake

    I left my C-class coupe with Silver Parking at Bristol Airport last week. You have to hand in your keys to them and they move the car to a more remote and more densely packed part of the car park while you are away. When I returned and checked the footage from my dashcam, I see they didnt...
  2. M.A.94

    W210 front passenger foot well carpet slit

    I've noticed that the front passenger side foot well carpet on my w210 has a slit on the edge. I was wondering if this has been done after or if this is how they all are. Also does the plastic trim go above or under the carpet. As mime currently is under. See image for reference.
  3. S

    Foot brake

    I originally posted this in wrong section so i reposted here Hi all i have changed my rear disks inc shoes and pads today. The foot brake was poor and to be fair still is.. Apart from the adjusters in the hubs is there any other adjustments to tighten foot brake I find i have to press...
  4. S

    Foot brake cable

    Hi all i have changed my rear disks inc shoes and pads today. The foot brake was poor and to be fair still is.. Apart from the adjusters in the hubs is there any other adjustments to tighten foot brake I find i have to press foot pedal right to its end of travel before its holding car on...
  5. Hawkwind

    Have Mercedes shot themselves in the foot?

    Just looking on Auto-Trader and saw 350SL's on offer for prices sub 6K I'm presuming this is because they are so complicated and expensive to repair, that at the first sign of trouble, you may as well drop a lighted match in the petrol tank. This surely can't be a good thing :dk: Mercedes...
  6. R

    W205 Foot rest......?

    As it is getting wetter in the mornings I have just realised that there is no footrest in the c class..... Anyone got a link to somewhere for an aftermarket one that works - had a look on e-bay and it is a minefield..... Thanks
  7. alzieboy

    Recliner Chairs with foot stool

    Has anybody any knowledge of the Stressless range of recliner chairs and foot stools, they are a fair bit more expensive that other ranges SWMBO and myself have looked at. If any members out there have first hand knowledge of these chairs we would be grateful . They have just introduced a new...
  8. D

    Issue when putting my foot down. Limp mode?

    Hi everyone, Wondering if somebody can help me with an issue I'm having with a 62 reg W204 C180 Sport Plus. It's happened twice now. Once was whilst I was accelerating after some temporary lights on an empty A road and the second time was whilst putting my foot down going down the slip...
  9. N

    where to buy Foot rest plate C-class 2012 s204

    Looking for a foot rest plate in the footwell. 2012 Mercedes C-class estate C220 CDi AMG Sport Plus Auto s204. Something to rest my left foot so the carpet on the footrest doesn't get too dirty. I've seen these on-line but seem a little pricey or foreign ebay sellers. There's...
  10. S

    Foot Well Liners

    It's annoying that the 'Husky Liners' advert is the first one that appears and thought these would be ideal for my 2011 ML350, but no one appears to do any for RHD versions I have emailed both Husky and WeatherTech with no luck. Can anyone recommend anything similar as I want to protect the...
  11. CowleyStJames

    Foot brake on hills

    Okay, picked up my 60 plate C200 2.1 manual and I'm struggling with the foot brake. How do you guys in a manual car manage in traffic up hill? My route home each evening takes me on a long uphill stretch of road that has nose to tail traffic. I'm having to engage neutral, foot break on...
  12. Screwdriver

    WTB: Brown W123 Driver's Foot Rest/ W115 Door Holder & Foot well Carpet

    Hi There, Looking to replace my cracked driver's footrest/ dead pedal on my RHD W123 300D and the front door holders on my LHD W115 240D. Pictures attached for your convenience. Any leads or advice on these parts is also more than welcome!
  13. brens-e200

    w124 Passenger side Foot well panel wanted

    Hi all, looking for a passenger side footwell panel in beige for my 1992 220Ce as the one i have is all cracked and looks dreadfull. If you have one lying about I would be very interested in having it and willing to pay a rsonable price ( inclusing postage to Southern Ireland ) thanks in...
  14. T

    SL500 R107 Passenger Foot well

    I had a look at an SL, 1983, recently and when I looked at the passenger side foot well behind a panel I found a box about 5" X 5" X 1.5" with a cable running into it connected with a large plug. Is this the cars ECU?
  15. BAZ-500SL

    Mercedes r129 500sl foot brake

    Ello peoples, right as the hot weather has come out comes the '5 HUNI' ( 500 SL r129) but as it been parked up most of last year and through the winter the foot brake doesn't seem to be releasing so I have to resort in pulling the handle and using the other hand to pull the foot brake up it...
  16. carlls

    women escapes with a foot injury

    women in a mercedes c220 escapes with a foot injury after crash with a car transporter on the a15 lucky or wot
  17. T

    R107 - Corrosion in the driver side foot well

    Hoping that someone has seen this before. Went to look at a R107 SL recently. Without putting it up on a ramp, I did as detailed an inspection as I could. When I pulled up the drivers side floor carpets I saw some rust around what I can only call a sensor positioned in the body behind the...
  18. BIG_G_1979

    foot well lighting

    Hi all, im currently in the middle of upgrading my footwell lights to leds, all is good I get to the last one (drivers footwell) when I put the led into the light it flashes and makes all the others flash at the same time and whenever I put oem bulb back in its back to normal and all other leds...
  19. Twistedmind

    Broken foot brake

    Foot brake has no click sound. Found a bit of broken plastic in the footwell Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  20. 24karrat

    SEL foot rest & rear door blinds need

    Can anyone help?
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