1. clk320x

    Tesco car park = football pitch

    Wtf Since when has Tesco car park been a football pitch? Was just driving off and football gets booted at Mach 10 into the side of my car :doh: A few showroom fresh 17 plates parked around there too Thankfully no damage I could see, I mean it's only a ball but I mean the guy has such a good...
  2. KillerHERTZ

    Football & Politics Threads

    Please see the stickys at the top of the Off Topic section - As you will know, these have always been banned subjects on here. These are a trial. :thumb:
  3. KillerHERTZ

    The Football Thread

    Welcome to the Football thread, please use this thread as the only place on the forum we permit Football discussions. By replying to this thread you will agree to the following rules: -Do not deliberately start arguments by attacking another rival team eg: Team xxxx are a bunch...
  4. ringway

    I know we don't do football, but...

    I enjoyed watching this. LINK. :thumb:
  5. John

    Paul Gascoigne (not a football post!)

    Nothing other than a purely-observational post (I know nothing about football and have no interest in it anyway). Saw these pictures of him today - cannot believe the toll all that drink and those drugs have taken: Paul Gascoigne 'in hospital facing homelessness after drinking binge' | Mail...
  6. E

    Youngest football scorer ever

  7. ringway

    I know we don't do Football, but I like this.

    Please - No Football Discussion in this thread. :thumb: LINK.
  8. SportsCoupeRich

    Garlando Table Football.

    Have one of these I bought for 1100 in Selfridges about a decade ago - times be a changing and they are now £500 from them direct. Open to offers for collection from CM6 near Stansted airport. It fits in an e class estate load bay..... linky: Garlando G500 Freeplay Football Table |...
  9. Colin_b

    Now I understand why football is banned here!

    BBC News - Brazil referee decapitated after stabbing player :eek:
  10. finisterre

    football and politics - poll - please do not respond

    I am not interested in football yet I found this to be a fascinating poll. a few highlights and there is a wealth of information in there Liverpool is the most...
  11. tasn1

    Rascism in Football.

    Im tired of this topic guys...why did Suarez not shake Evra`s hand and get it over and done with it!?:dk::mad::ban:
  12. D

    MBClub Members and their Football clubs

    Hi All, Just curious to hear what football clubs the fellow MBClub members support? I am a life long Manchester City fan. I could not find any previous threads so apologies if this has been covered before. Right - over to you guys and gals...
  13. rajinder_1

    BN Nike T-90 sz 8 astroturf football boots

    hi guys bought these never wore them subsequently been sitting in the box since i bought them from the nike shop. r5b2 | eBay offers welcome thanks Raj
  14. E CLASS

    Football Policing

    I'm sure I'm not the only one thats twigged this but don't you just love the delicious irony over football policing. Football games cannot go ahead without the police there to nanny the supporters and keep them at bay from each other. These are the very same people who've been condoning the...
  15. Dieselman

    American football the easy way.
  16. proser

    Coats - The sort for football coaches

    Just formed a junior football club (3 teams) and looking at getting the coaches/managers coats which we can get printed on the back and front. Anyone work in that area of business, or could recommend a supplier Cheers
  17. proser

    AGM of Junior Football Club

    Does anybody know who the members of the club would be (ie managers and/or parents) Will be holding first AGM later this year and trying to work out who is entitled to vote for the new committee. Cheers
  18. bh13coupe

    England football Team Training Session

    Guys I know how proud we are of our National team:D. I stumbled accross this on youtube, very funny. YouTube - Mock the Week on the England Football Team Training Session
  19. Venomous

    Football Yobbo's

    So I see 15 men in long coats sporting the word "Aviva" walking along our road, when half them start walking across my neighbours front lawn... But why? I ask myself.... Transpires that it's the Norwich City Football Team staying at the Mickleover Court Hotel round the corner. A few weeks ago...
  20. fast_eddie

    Any interest in a Fanatasy Football League?

    Hi all, as per the title - given the number of people here, I reckon we could get a pretty decent sized FFL going before the soccer season starts this weekend. My preferred option is the Premier League's own one - Fantasy Premier League - a Fantasy Football Game for the Barclays Premier...
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