1. Z

    A207 E class auto "Hold" on footbrake

    I read in my owners manual about a hold activated by the brake pedal so if you press it twice hard it will hold like a hand brake so that you can take your foot off the brake pedal without putting it in neutral. Say when you are at traffic lights. Is this an option and does anyone have...
  2. T

    Footbrake and Handbrake Question on my 190E 2.0 Auto

    Good morning! So I have just purchased my first car - a lovely 1992 190E 2.0 auto I have saved for for two whole years and at the ripe age of 23 I am still getting used to everything, and have a couple of questions to ask (they might sound basic but I just want to be sure I won't damage the...
  3. M

    footbrake travel

    hi folks my w211 2008 model seems to have a soft footbrake it also travels half way down before brakes come on a merc indy told me its the type of brakes they have does anyone else this issue
  4. alistairgd

    footbrake - click click CLUNK

    Maybe once or twice a week when I apply the footbrake (talking about the "handbrake" one on the left) I get click-click then a CLUNK that does not sound healthy. Would seem to be coming from the pedal and not from the discs. Anyone heard of this?
  5. D

    2001, w203, 270cdi, footbrake

    Where can I find the adjuster on the rear hubs for the footbrake, I can see the springs through the holes when I spin the hub but no adjuster ?
  6. D

    2001 w203 270cdi footbrake

    Where can I find the adjuster on the rear hubs for the footbrake, I can see the springs through the holes when I spin the hub but no adjuster ?
  7. Y

    Vito ASR and hand brake problems

    Hi everyone, I have a Vito 2006 109 and I took the van for an MOT and it's failed on two things: 1) ASR doesn't work. When I push the 'ASR off' button next to the hazard light switch, the yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside it does not light up in the dash to say it's been...
  8. mercmanuk

    sticking footbrake switch w203

    the w203 footbrake switch is sticking,its driving me made where can i find it,might just need a little wd40. cheers all
  9. cellarmerc

    w210 handbrake er footbrake not making clicking sound and pushing down smoothly

    Hi, pushed the footbrake lever to find it just depressed smoothly without the usual clicking nothces, what has happened , do I need to get it looked at urgently ? thks Tony
  10. C

    Footbrake cable adjuster

    Hi Gents, where do I locate the HANDBRAKE adjuster on a W124 Estate (1994). Thanks Hugh
  11. Y

    How good is your parking brake?

    I'm on my second MB, my first, a C-Class was bought from new, my current, an E-Class is a year old, and I'm wondering if everyone else has the same experience as me with their foot operated parking brake as it's starting to bug me now. When I put the car in park and engage the parking brake...
  12. M

    footbrake adjustment

    Hi,would anyone know how to adjust footbrake on a w129 sl,thanks in advance.
  13. C

    Should you leave the footbrake on?????

    Quick question to the experienced, I leave the old Coupe pared up either on the drive or in the garage during the working week, and notice that when I come to drive it at weekends that the brakes make a bit of a racket when first moved. Is it Ok / advisable to leave the footbrake off (the...
  14. G

    Cheapest footbrake fix ever?

    Foot brake gave up the ghost on e320cdi, ho hum garage, big bill, nuisance, all went through my head so had little to do Sunday morning, got 6 year old son to undo cover under steering wheel, (my head doesn't like upside down) gave him torch pointed in direction of footbrake he comes back with...
  15. MSG2004

    Stiff footbrake

    Hi More problems and nearly out of warranty - Had my second 'A' service via MB a few months back but foot brake gets very stiff and sort of juddgers rather than a smooth action to apply. I've driven new cars but thet run and sound smooth and never judder to apply - almost jams. The...
  16. J


    I was just wondering whether I should put the car in Neutral when I apply the footbrake (e.g. in a long wait for the traffic lights)... At the moment, I just leave it in Drive if I know the lights will change soon but I still apply my footbrake and let off the actual brakes so my right foot can...
  17. marc777

    Footbrake different.

    I got the car back from the dealer yesterday and have noticed that for some reason the footbrake no longer makes the "ratchet" sound or feeling when applied (like when applying a traditional handrake without pressing the button), but is smooth, quiet and spongey. Is this an update (I like it)...
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