1. M

    C220 CDI Estate passenger footwell

    Does any one know what the electrical device is, in a cylindrical metal mounting, housed underneath the passenger foot well, but covered by the belly pan, on a 2001 C220 CDI, i can find no reference to it in the haynes manual ?
  2. P

    Microswitch thingy under drivers footwell carpet.

    I cleaned my new 124 for the first time tonight and had the carpets out for a poke around. Under the driver's footwell carpet theres a small bracket with a wire to a sprung-loaded things that appears to be a microswitch. I have so many questions that I hope the Haynes manual that I have on...
  3. jon.english68

    Footwell lights

    After wiring up the door puddle lights last month I set about installing the front footwell lights, so I bought a pair of LED lamps off eBay Having read that these lights need connecting to the front SAM and the programming I figured the must be an...
  4. C

    Front footwell carpet mat securing clips

    Does anyone know where I can find a set of these for my w210? I will be searching the scrappies this week, I just wondered if there is a part number for them or anywhere to get them online? In my searches so far I can only find more mats! Or people in america that have found them! :wallbash:
  5. D

    footwell lights

    evening all. the light sin the front foot-wells don't appear to want to work. I have checked the bulbs and all is fine, even replaced with new ones and still no joy. I have tried with doors open/closed, headlights on/off. any advice would be greatly appreciated many thanks kris
  6. Aibonator

    C63s Footwell Passenger Fuse Box

    Trying to fit a dashcam to the new motor. Want to wire it to the passenger fuse panel 301-341. Looked at the fuse map in the fuse box and there is a fuse for the Panoramic Roof. This must be switched 12v because the sunroof won't open if the egnition is off. But there is no fuse in the slot...
  7. W124newbie

    W124 footwell plastic trim name/part number?

    Hi guys, Just noticed over the weekend that the plastic trim that sits in the passenger footwell under the glovebox is missing. No idea when or why. The last work that was done on this car was when the radiator and brake discs/pads were replaced - would any of those jobs require taking this...
  8. C

    C207 steering felt in footwell

    Hi, i have a 2012 e class coupe and its developed a weird problem where at low speeds like parking when i turn the wheel at exactly the same point i can feel feedback like a vibration in the footwell and steering wheel which dissapears once you steer past that point. any ideas what i could...
  9. garno

    Footwell courtesy lights W221 S Class 2010 500

    Morning chaps, Are they meant to stay on all the time when it's dark. I can only turn them off when I press the all interior light off button on the interior map and sunroof console? Cheers garno
  10. T

    W202 refitting of passenger footwell cargo net

    Evening, I've (almost) finished drying out my new W202 after it had the blocked AC drain issue - it has a dehumidifier in it right now. I wonder how the cargo net is fitted to the passenger footwell. It clearly clips in place, but is the plastic join (for the bungee part - pictured)...
  11. Hawkwind

    W208 Water In Footwell (not the usual)

    Hi there, The other day the interior blower would not shut off, did a search on the forum to see what the problem might be. Checked for water in the footwell and sure enough, it was soaked.:crazy: Now this surprised me, because I have read about this problem previously and before the...
  12. S

    W204 Drivers footwell light gone off?

    Alright lads recently bought my first Mercedes a C220 CDI Sport amg model. Now i cleaned the inside the other week and ever since then the dim light in the footwell on my drivers side has gone out but the passenger one is still working is there a button i may of pressed here or would it just...
  13. D

    Replacement footwell bulbs

    Wondering if anyone can help me find replacement footwell bulbs for my w210? Not sure if they're different because it's a European import but can't say I recognise them as a familiar bulb. Thanks in advance! Front footwell; Rear footwell - Wired into the seat? Sent from my LG-H815 using...
  14. G

    For Sale: Blue LED Footwell Lights

    Bought these a while ago, actually before the current car, but never got around to use them on 168, and didn't need them for the 169 - fitted OE ones. Anyway, four LED lights with 3M double-sided sticky pads. 10cm x 2cm in size. Ready to be hard-wired. Would be a shame to bin a perfectly...
  15. c180081c

    W203 Water In Drivers Footwell (Hoping to make a definitive guide)

    Hi Guys, As the rain and snow are drawing in I have noticed that my drivers footwell on c180k w203 2004 is filling up with water......All the drains are clear and have blown them out with the airline, and can see the water draining underneath....Please can you guys who have...
  16. M

    R129 water in the footwell.

    I have a 92 R129 SL300-24. Water has started appearing in the passengers footwell. My usual mechanic has had a look but can't find where the water is getting in. Has anyone got any suggestions or suggest someone in the Leeds area that can investigate. I had planned to replace the roof but would...
  17. S

    W211 Footwell bulbs - replace while lit?

    Hi I have a 2008 W211 with ambient lighting, I've purchased some Canbus LED's to replace the floor footwell lighting with as original bulbs are too dim while driving, cannot tell they are on. I've had a look at the lens, it looks like I can probably prise off using a screwdriver (unless anyone...
  18. G

    How do I route a wire from engine bay into footwell?

    What is the best, i.e. the safest, way to route an electric wire from the engine bay of 2006 W169 into the driver's footwell? Is there an existing conduit I can just slide an extra wire through? I'm fitting DRLs to my A200, and don't really fancy damaging anything in the process :crazy:
  19. kam09

    Footwell ticking noise?!

    Hi guys, I've got a very annoying noise coming from the footwell area that sounds like a ticking/rattling noise which is hard to describe but anyway it only happens when I travel between 40-60mph in gears 5-6! Has anyone experienced this or does anyone have the slightest idea of what it could...
  20. S

    Anyone replaced footwell bulbs in W211?

    Hi All Was just wondering if anyone has replaced their footwell lighting bulbs with LED's on their W211? My 2008 W211 has ambient lighting, the footwell does stay on but its very dim, it looks like the LED's are much brigher hence want to go for them. I've seen bulbs on their own which are...
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