for sale 16

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    For Sale 16" Genuine W208 CLK Avantgarde Alloys

    As above wheels generally in good nick one wheel has 2 inch strip of ally laquer lifting and the only other marks are where rim weights have been added /removed. All wheels are clad in Dunlop Sports 205 55 16 tyres two with 5mm tread and two with 7mm tread, worth over £150 just for the tyres...
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    For Sale 16" E Class alloys

    £200 for these as well.
  3. sym

    For Sale : 16" Wheels + Tyres

    Just to see if anybody is interested in my existing wheels, as I have an option on a set of AMGs. In summary :- SLK Wheels (will also fit all 202 C Class models, and possibly some others too) with the following credentials :- Front Axle :- 7J, ET37 fitted with 205/55/16 Toyo Proxes-T1...
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