1. D

    My cherished 2009 C320 with command and sport pack - new baby forced sale!

    Mercedes C-class 2009 3 litre V6 with sports pack (including winter wheel set) - pristine! in Brighton | Friday-Ad
  2. R

    Windows 10 now being forced out...

    I opened a computer this morning which runs Windows 7 professional to be greeted by a blue screen, "now the legals". This was a Microsoft Terms and conditions page. I pressed the back button and it said "Welcome to your Windows 10 upgrade". I had not requested the upgrade, so I decided to...
  3. grumpyoldgit

    MOT meltdown: Thousands of motorists face being forced off the road.

    Yes, I know it's the Mail, but do take a look if your MOT is due. :fail British motorists face being put off the road after MOT system collapses | Daily Mail Online
  4. Satch

    4,000 estate agents could be forced to close

    Whilst a general economic downturn is most unwelcome and job losses in any sector will always have knock on effects, I find it really very hard to care if a Malthusian limit applies to Estate Agents.
  5. Mambo

    Sudan Man forced to Marry Goat

    Here's the link :crazy:
  6. V

    Gutted....being forced to sell my W124

    Early last week I got a job offer from a new company....great news all round!! Now found out that I can't use my beloved W124 as my company car....the new employer has a rule that any car used on company business can only be upto 5 years no 17 year old W124 then!!!!:p So...
  7. G

    Forced Absence

    Hi Guys, I know I'm not the most prolific poster on here but I've been offline for a while (nearly two weeks). Normal service will be resumed! I've got a lot of wading through to do. If only everything in life was as reliable as....a Mercedes. Cheers, Greg
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