1. spinaltap

    New Foreign Secretary?

  2. C36fan

    Help with register a foreign car .

    Hi a friend of mine bought a lhd car here in UK ,the car was on diplomates plate and as a UK mot but it has the Italian v5 ,so what to do to register it in UK? Thanks in advance .:thumb: Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  3. markjay

    Unregistered foreign cars
  4. Palfrem

    Frenchman has sentence cut because he is foreign

    Killer driver's sentence slashed 'because he is French' - Telegraph I despair! Will this now open the floodgates for Johnny Foreigner....
  5. O

    CDI 270 2002 foreign substance (sugar?) in tank!

    Hi all. I'm hoping the title will get you interested. I'm thinking of buying a non-runner CDI270 '02 as a replacement for my wheezy old C220 estate. The current owner came to the car one morning and discovered the fuel filler cap had been forced open. Assuming it was an attempted diesel theft...
  6. A

    Foreign Co Win £1.6m Govenrment Growth Fund

    I am sure someone will enlighten me but why would a foreign owned company qualify for this and 20 jobs would this money not been better off spent elsewhere? Aston Martin to build Rapide S in UK - Telegraph I mean what future has Aston Martin really got do people still buy their cars, for me just...
  7. @MARK

    New charge for foreign lorries using British roads

    BBC News - New charge for foreign lorries using British roads So whilst I fully support the idea, I can't help thinking that once the French have stopped complaining about it and blocking the ports, I am going to find myself hit with a charge as soon as arrive in Calais in return.
  8. M

    Foreign diesel

    Does anyone know if it would be worth taking my 97 E300 TD to the Bahamas when I move there? I know it seems crazy but cars are extremely expensive there & i need a runaround. My main concern is that the diesel they have there is very rough so this my kill the engine. I would appreciate any...
  9. ringway

    Foreign drivers will escape punishment for UK offences.

    Foreign drivers will be able to drink and drive, break the speed limit, jump red lights and escape without punishment because the Government has not signed up to an EU crackdown, it was claimed. LINK.
  10. jonnyboy

    foreign reg'd cars

    Been offered a deal on one of my for-sale cars. He apparently has an lpg'd ML430 which is LHD. Could be a way into a cheapish 4x4 and get one of my cars away. He has extensive good feedback, the car isn't on eBay although he has another on there, also a lefty. Lefty isn't ideal but for what I...
  11. C

    My W203 C200K thinks its foreign! HELP!!

    Hi. Hope someone can help me with this bizarre problem. I have just upgraded my rather tired W202 C200 estate to an 02 C200K Avantgarde estate. All is good with the car apart from 2 glitches: 1. When i switch on the lights it is displaying 2 malfunctions which are F/L Marker bulb and F/R Marker...
  12. M

    foreign registered car, how dodgy is this?

    someone i know has been offered a car that is foreign registered but it has a strange history. A guy bought it on finance in the foreign country (he was living and working there at the time).came home for a visit and the car was vandalised so it was left in the uk, he then lost his job and moved...
  13. crockers

    Foreign Plated Cars

    I wrote a note a while back and would like to share with you some of the feedback I have had. I wrote to my MP about this and have been in contact with the Transport Dept. I have in my possession now a...
  14. crockers

    Foreign Plated cars

    I have just asked my local "safety camera partnership" how many foreign plated cars went through a speed camera over the past 12 months and how many were prosecuted.... here is the first reply..... Thank you for your request for information concerning Foreign Plated Cars. This request will...
  15. Brian WH

    Foreign Site Translator

    Useful for all foreign sites where MB may be of interest. Translation Service Excellent service which translates as you change pages on site, or blocks of text.:bannana: :bannana: :bannana:
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