1. J

    Smart ForFour information required please.

    Hi Guys, Been looking for a small family hatch for the folks for quite a while now, without success. The car has to have 5 doors, be an Auto, and priced at around £2,500 max. Been looking at VW Polo's, and Vauxhall Corsa's, but they're all common as muck. Looked at A Class's too, however...
  2. S

    Please Help smart forfour diagnostics software

    Hi all, Please help! I'm wandering what the name of the software is called for using on my laptop for diagnostics on my smart forfour. have have an OBDII usb lead. Many thanks heath
  3. F

    Smart ForFour

    What do you all think of the current “Smart ForFour” as a possible run around car for town? This is the small hatch that can seat 3 passengers in the rear too. Thinking of getting a 1.1 “Cool Style” trim model for the g/f (comes with alloys etc.). The car is around 68BHP but feels a lot...
  4. Bobby Dazzler

    Any experience of SMART ForFour?

    :crazy: Had a bit of a crazy idea today... Been offered a 1.3 SMART ForFour Pulse today for £99 deposit, plus £99 per month for a year, after which I hand it back - all including VAT!! Maximum of 10,000 miles and no need to service unless warning light shows when I hand it back (should still...
  5. Lazarus

    Smart Forfour Brabus

    I had a go in one of these last night, all I can say is OH. MY. GOD. what a hoot to drive. I was in Milton Keynes (ironically enough not too far from DCUK's headquarters), so got to 'explore' the car's capabilities on some sections of dual carriageway as well as a series of roundabouts...
  6. scotth_uk

    Smart ForFour

    Not sure how many of you made it to the Canary Wharf Motor Expo last week.....? There was a production ForFour there to climb over, through under and around, which I was interested in taking a look at. The car is apparently the same chassis as the upcoming Mitusbishi Colt, and on first...
  7. PJH

    Forfour Road Test

    Forfour Road Test
  8. Guy

    New Smart ForFour

    First pictures of the smart forfour The smart forfour is the new alternative in the small car segment Böblingen. The first pictures of the smart forfour show that the new member of the smart family is giving new impetus and thus offering a smart alternative in the small car segment...
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