1. HughJarse

    6 Points if you forget who was driving!!

    If you forget who was driving when caught by a speed camera....6 points!,,30000-1285332,.html
  2. Howard

    Don't forget ....

    Tonight i am going to win £100,000,000 .... Some of you lot might as well enter too , to boost my winnings ;) I swear to you, if i win a hundred mill , MBClub will have its own 'team' SLR that everyone can use , people can borrow it for a few days at a time .... I would have said...
  3. Benzowner

    Forget the Bugatti Veyron........

    .......... now there is a Bristol 1000bhp have a look at this
  4. GRAV888

    Forget Friends Reunited

    I clicked on Howards' link in his signature and had a look through. When I got to the guest book, I saw a familiar name. It turns out it was my mate from school:eek:
  5. pint6x

    Forget yer PS2s, yer XBOX - here's a good console

    It doesn't say what you do when you run out, but it looks like fun have a look here
  6. M

    forget cars, how about this?

    bizarre doesnt begin to describe this,,,just thought id share this so im not alone in my nightmares:eek: :eek: :eek:
  7. N

    Forget Windows Down - Lets Talk Top Down

    Today is the hottest day of the year and i for one was not gonna miss out on a chance to let the fresh air of the M25 flow through my hair:bannana: :bannana: How many other had their hoods down on the way to work today....:D :D :D Nav
  8. R

    4th May! Don't forget to vote!

    Just a reminder that we can exercise our democratic privileges today, so don't forget to get down to that polling booth and do the voting thing.
  9. Thmsshaun

    Dont Forget The clocks.

    I had but checked the time on my computer knowing it was nearly 2 and it was 1. Thought I was going mad but then looked at my phone. It was 2:05. Still here now another hour later lol. So there goes that hour gained. Been a long old day. Dont Forget!
  10. B

    Forget C-class, what about older Mercs?

    Most of these threads seem to be about C-class Mercedes, which - sorry guys - while perfectly pleasant and well made cars are about as interesting and common as a Vauxhall Vectra. Is there anyone out there with stories/advice on older Mercs? I don't mean expensive vintage/sports stuff, just...
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