1. Druk

    How to drive a forklift.

    Creative Movers in Taiwan
  2. Howard

    Genuine German Forklift H&S video

    I see a lot of health and safety videos at work , but none as good as this ! It really gets going in the last three minutes ! Funny German Forklift Safety Training Video is Bloody [VIDEO] | HEAVY
  3. ringway

    Forklift Precision.

  4. flat6buster

    Any Forklift Dealers Out There?

    Before I venture off into the shady nether world that I fully expect used forklift truck dealers to be, just wanted to ask if any of you good folk out there are into the used forklift scene? I am after LPG, sideshift, 4.5m + lift height (preferably 5 to 6m), counterbalance 1.75t +. Thanks.
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Mercedes Owner Catches Thief with a Forklift

    5PTQuRVh2H4& Being a W210 im surprised the forks didnt go through the chassis :D
  6. Limited Edition

    German Forklift Safety Video

    It's very disturbing to see how Germany teaches it's workers about Forklift Safety. Click Me
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