1. mercmanuk

    formatting to fat32

    how can i format a 500gb hdd to fat32 rather then ntfs file system,ive a media streamer and it will only accept a hdd with fat 32,i understand about the 30gd linmit with fat32 cheers again
  2. Gollom

    Help with Excel 2007 (Conditional Formatting)

    Any experts out there? I want to change the fill colour (to custom colour RGB 5,255.5) of cell range A1-A10 if the contents of cell A9 is the word 'Green'. I'm almost there but can't quite get it. I know how to change the cell that the word is in using Conditional Formatting. The formula...
  3. Subyland

    SCSI HDD low level formatting

    It seems that at the moment I have a bad streak of problem with my PC...:devil: I am trying to find a place which can do a low level formatting on a SCSI HDD for a reasonable price. Has anyone got any suggestion ?
  4. scruffy

    formatting hard drive

    anyone know how to format a new hard drive and prepare it to accept xp operating system, thanks
  5. D

    Formatting the hard drive

    Hi guys, Does anyone have the time, and patience, to list step by step the procedure for reformatting my laptop's hard drive using a windows '98 fdisk facility? I am running a Compaq laptop with XP Home edition and I get confused when I am asked questions like, delete non dos partition...
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