1. Dieter

    Forthcoming merc 'wmd'

    Hi all, For some good pictures, both exterior and interior, of new ML (future planet destroyer and mass child killer according to some?) visit Looks a bit more 'sporty' but suppose real test is how it drives? Cheers, Dieter PS New...
  2. Ian B Walker

    Forthcoming Venture

    Pammy, Kinky and myself are thinking of holding a P.A.P. Celebration in October this year. We have discussed this amongst ourselves and invisage the following formula. A whole weekend away at a Hotel. (Hilton) A Sat Morning form of vehicular entertainment. A Black Tie Dinner complete with...
  3. VikJ

    Forthcoming MB's

    Found this website. Features pictures of the forthcoming SLK and ML. TechArt
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