1. nick mercedes

    124 parts now worth a fortune?

    Would anyone really pay this much for one of these?? Mercedes Center Console Glovebox W124 CE TE E | eBay
  2. P

    Saved myself a small fortune on Auto-Glym products today...

    Halfords | Cleaning & Body Repair | Car Cleaning | Pressure Washers | Car Body Repair Stocked up on 9 products paying for only 6 ;) Hope this heads up is permissible
  3. moonloops

    How to save a fortune lowering your car

    Just buy some platform shoes instead :D
  4. R

    RIP John Fortune

    BBC News - John Fortune, satirical comedian, dies aged 74
  5. M

    Fortune depends on the tone of your voice

    A friend of mine, a motoring journalist, wastes no opportunity to point out how Germanic in tone (if not accent) he finds the voice of the (NTG1) sat nav lady whenever he travels in my SLK. This has tended to bemuse me somewhat, as I've always found "her" voice to be quite amenable. And yet, he...
  6. L

    Mercedes Benz Temple Fortune NW11

    Hiall, Following on from my previous post regarding the awesomeness of PCS, here is a very contrasting account of an experience I had at Merc Temple Fortune, in North West London, on Finchley Road. First of all, let me start by saying that I believed that these people (on separate occasions...
  7. abecketts

    W124 with a Personalised REG PLATE (MAYBACH !!!) - worth FORTUNE !!!

    MERCEDES E-Class W-124 AUTO DIESEL, ESTATE | eBay UK erm no Here we have a higher mileage, reasonable condition std merc with an optimistic owner, "barrying" Maybach out of that reg number would take some lateral thinking.
  8. C240Sport97

    Fame and fortune

    Pics taken in November 10 ( finally made it to print -- Autocar, issue of 16 Feb 11.
  9. N

    MB Temple fortune aftersales any good experiences with them

    Im going to try taking my car to these guys after the abysmal service by park royal any one had any good experiences with these guys? ive heard markjays bad experience with these guys
  10. D-18

    East Fortune Airshow 2010

    Did anyone go along? Weather wasn't great, but at least a few Merlin engined aircraft were in the air - for my money the best sounding aeroengine ever. A few (sorry - poor quality) pics of a P40, P51 and Dakota for those who may be interested.
  11. NICKYB

    Had a gut’s full, depressed and the cars going to cost a fortune!

    Slightly Peed off gents…..had a f++k full lately, now the mobile sprayer ****d my bonnet up on the CLK it’s going to need doing again! (prob at my cost because I don’t want a ****e job again) 2 new tyres required, disks and pads all round and an MOT in 3 weeks!!! Just thought I would have a...
  12. k6nwl

    w209 spare remote key - fortune

    I need a spare remote key for my w209 clk 320 (52), the stealers have quoted £245 inc vat. Seems a lot of money for a key, is this a dealer purchace only or can i get this from somewhere else?
  13. J

    How to get a small fortune.

    Start of with a large one and buy a ML :-) . After this month's failures of another rear spring and a worn steering collumb bush, the inlet manifold has developed a leak through the lever seals. Can't buy the seals from MB so supposedly requires new manifold. As well as being a pig of a job...
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